Pre-Order The G.I. Joe Complete Collector's Set

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I have to say, this is really tempting.  I believe I own the original mini-series for G.I. Joe.  I've always wanted the complete set but when I searched, the DVDs were out of print (which would mean spending a crazy amount on ebay or something).  Just as Shout! Factory has acquired the rights to Transformers, they also have the rights to release G.I. Joe.

Pre-orders have begun.  You can order the complete series over at  Yes it cost $140 but look at all you get.  17 DVDs, 95 episodes, extensive bonus content, an exclusive voice cast reunion, a collectible book, a 1-GB "Dog Tag" flash drive which includes two G.I. Joe silent comics, a printable script, original toy commercials, rub-on tattoos and lets not forget...the PSAs! 

The set will be released on July 22, 2009.  This presale is only online.  This is your chance to do your patriotic duty.  Order today.  Now you know how to get the complete set and (say it with me), Knowing is Half the Battle!
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I keep hearing horrible things about the movie from a few of my friends in Hollywood, like the director isn't allowed in the editing room anymore.... HOWEVER, this show is still awesome, and if I was getting paid a little more, I'd pick this up in a heartbeat, especially since the PSAs are on it. I love my childhood.

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wow I HAVE to have this I have the whole series in like divx form that a buddy gave me BUT this is the real deal.

I wonder if it has the DIC toons as well.....I know I know those suck but I really want the complete run as well as the movie which I already have!


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This would be good if I was into Joe in the first place

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This is sweet. I hope they plans to do this with Transformers.

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