New 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' Trailer

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As you probably know, G.I. Joe: Retaliation was supposed to be released earlier this year. The movie was pushed back to March 29, 2013. The reason we were given was to convert the film to 3D. There was also some additional scenes and re-shoots done.

It's unfortunate the movie has been delayed. The original trailers looked pretty good. Paramount has released a new trailer that contains some new footage.

What do you think? Does the delay matter to you? Will you check out the film in March?

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Looks like they added a lot of 3D heavy scenes to the movie. Should be a good movie based on the trailer. I like the Red Ninjas but think they should have Slice and Dice as their superiors. I am most looking forward to Ray Stevenson as Firefly!

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I am still up for it.2013 looks like a better year for movies than 2012.

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Awesome Trailer

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Meh. Britain is always the first to go...

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@Jonny_Rogers: aint it the truth.

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Now if some company can make an Awesome GI Joe video game...

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poor London

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2013 is going to have some many good movies!

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i never saw the first one in theaters, the jumping through traffic in robo-suits didnt appeal to me, i saw it a few months later on tv and was surprised by it quality. its not great by any means but it was better then i expected it to be. the ROCK gets me pumped so ill try this one out, it already has me more interested then the last one did

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@Jonny_Rogers said:

Meh. Britain is always the first to go...

Last time it was Paris.

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Looks good. Bruce Willis is awesome. Can't wait for this and Die Hard 5.

I know they axed most of the cast from the last movie, but did they have to kill off/get rid of Scarlet? Also I hope they fix up Cobra Commander, cause he was really strange last time. Joesph Gordon Levitt is a cool guy, but was the wrong choice for that role.

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I like when the North Korean ambassador is like: "WTF guy?"

Looks like the did a good job of backpedaling after people pretty much figured out that Channing Tatum was gonna get killed off.

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@Chaos Burn: Take that foul tea drinkers.

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yeah quick question but the last time I saw the trailer, there was a new masked guy who was not snake eyes that was everywhere. Who was he and how come he isn't in this trailer? (I mean did they decide not to use him, or is he still in the movie. etc)

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I hate they delayed this, because I was really interested in seeing it. Still am, but I don't care about 3D.

Isn't a bit silly that they show the destruction of that giant killer satellite near the end of this trailer with all the explosions?

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@FoxxFireArt: It might not be at the end of the movie for all we know. It probably is but we also know that Cobra never truly wins so we should expect them to lose. It's good they're bringing back the good parts from the first movie and leaving all of the crappy parts behind.

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Looking good.

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I liked how goddamn goofy and ridiculous the first movie was (they had an UNDERWATER BASE for crying out loud) and this looks to be about as ridiculous but with action stars I actually give any kind of a crap about, so I'm in.

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They wouldn't create a giant satellite that can destroy whole nations all over the world and remove that threat in the middle of the film.

That's as silly as showing the meteor hit in DEEP IMPACT trailers. That was the biggest event in the entire movie.

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Truth is, I'll watch anything with Bruce Willis in it :)

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It looks like the rumors were true and test audiences wanted to see Duke team up with Roadblock and so they had to delay the movie to increase the scenes of Duke teaming up with Roadblock. In the original version, the rumor was Duke died in the beginning of the movie.

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I really hope that the extra editing and pushing back to next year was worth it, because I'm hearing screening reviews are even now saying this is horrible. I really hope it was worth it...because we honestly could have seen this by now and I don't think the push back was necessary :/

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Hey Cobra Commander actually looks like Cobra Commander in this one.

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@Chaos Burn said:

poor London

Also, total pwn to North Korea.

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