Latest G.I. Joe Trailer Brings A Smile To Your Face

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I know there's some people around here that have been saying how terrible the G.I. Joe movie looks.  I still think it could be good.  This latest trailer shows that there could be a little campiness involved as well.  You have to keep in mind that this is adapted from a cartoon that had all the bad guys miraculously jump out of every exploding plane with a parachute without a single injury.  It wasn't until issue #109 of the Marvel Comics where (I believe) we actually had some deaths.

I found it a little odd when I heard that Marlon Wayans was cast in the movie.  As you can see in the trailer below, he is using some of his...other acting skills as well.  I think if the movie tried being completely serious, it absolutely wouldn't work.  There is a sense of disbelief when it comes to G.I. Joe vs Cobra.  My hope is that the movie will be a fun ride. 


What do you think?
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I think I actually liked the first trailer better, hahaha I like how you make reference to marlon wayans other acting skills, Such as  "WHOOOOO!!"   " AHHHH MA BADD!!" , it's not to say he can't act, He actually was pretty good in requeim for a dream. but ahhh well.

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I think that it will be a fun ride. I would like to see it closer to the toon but I think that with all the marketing capabilities they have to make things like accelerator suits and crazy vehicles so they can sell more toys, cause even if the movie bombs with adults the kiddies love their toys.

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When I read the headline I thought we might get a trailer that showed Cobra Commander not looking like a mongoloid freak.  Oh well.

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I think this looks...Tight!

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This trailer just put any hope I had for this film, which was pretty slim, and flushed it down the toilet...
I'm still going to see the hell out of it though... I mean, come on, stuff blows up.

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ya know every time i see a trailer it just makes me sad to see how good this could be. I know i am really being harsh but I still cant get past why dukes hair is not blond!  I know it shouldn't matter in the whole scope of the film but I would automatically claim this movie would be better if they just dyed his dam hair!

Wayans should not be in this movie. first has he ever made a good movie? and out of oh 300 joes to choose from hes ripcord? ripcord is a NO JOE in that hes nothing in the joe U why did they not choose shipwreck or spirit or beachhead hell I can name about 10 r more joes that are better known than ripcord and have a cooler back story and would bring another dynamic to the movie.

And the biggest problem is that roadblock is not called roadblock.....heavy duty is CRAP roadblock rules plain and simple no reason why

I know I know I am being very picky but come on man some of these things were sooooo easy to do and I think would have made people happy  there just seems no excuse not to do them.

The roster should have been as follows
General Hawk (no berat)
Duke (blond hair and A Sargent not a officer
Snakeeyes the only guy they got right
gung ho

now is that really hard? thats a great list of joes and hell I would forgive the halo suits if that was the roster.


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@speedlgt: to me, I don't think a film like this could work unless it was really dark and rated R... However, I want all my movies to be really dark and rated R
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@inferiorego said:
" @speedlgt: to me, I don't think a film like this could work unless it was really dark and rated R... However, I want all my movies to be really dark and rated R "
I feel ya on that

but I just think some small changes could really make a difference and I have always thought you could kill people on screen in a way that was not super bloody like rambo.

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This movie is taking a hot steaming crap all over my childhood memories! The Iron Man-lite armors not withstanding, it looks like the only thing that they got right was the relationship between Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow (I noticed the matching I-Ching hexagrams on their swords). I am hoping against hope that this somehow manages to at least be fun to watch.............but I strongly doubt it.

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This looks kewl i mean even if it doesnt have any substance then the action ill be enough to keep me entertained

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If they can make an even half decent show out of a toyline as corny as GI Joe was I'll be happy. I'm pretty pumped for this film.

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This is going to suck so hard. 

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Let it be good.

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EH......I'm about the same .

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might suck but oh well, Snake Eyes is in thats reason enough for me to see it

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Snake eyes looks awesome, the Iron Man wanabe suits ehh not so much.

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thats hilarious and good. Finally marlion Waynes is in a good movie. I thought him and his brothers disapeared from movies

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@inferiorego said:
" This trailer just put any hope I had for this film, which was pretty slim, and flushed it down the toilet...I'm still going to see the hell out of it though... I mean, come on, stuff blows up. "
Same Here.
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Still gotta say this movie looks badass!!

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@TheBug said:

This is going to suck so hard. 

But it won't suck as much as Dragonball...

Delta 6? As in "a sequel to Sigma 6?"
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I don't think any Joes died until 109, before then any and all Cobra Blue shirts were fair game in the comic.

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I'm going to expect this to be the worst movie ever made when I go see it, that way if its even a little good I'll like it.  Push those expectations wayyyy down,

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I've little expectations for the GI Joe, but I'm definitely gonna see it.
Given the choice, I'd rather they continue the Resolute series though. :)

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This is the best trailer yet!!!

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I never really got into G.I. Joe as a kid (I grew up on Beast Wars) and by the time it came back with those cg movies i was too old to care so I don't have the emotional tie to the series that most commenters have. The only series I have seen is Resolute (which was totally badass). That said, this movie looks at least decent to me, I'm hoping that I'm pleasantly surprised by it the same way I was with the first Transformers movie.

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