Larry Hama's GI: JOE Returns

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 Cobra Vipers with the stars and stripes on their helmets? S-s-s-SATIRE.

I suppose if Marvel were publishing this, it’d be called GI: JOE FOREVER. IDW is running a new series that’s following the same conceit as X-MEN FOREVER, X-FACTOR FOREVER, et al, by picking Larry Hama’s GI: JOE up like it never actually ended in ’94. Seriously, the last part of Hama’s run was issue #155 and this title’s starting with issue #156 (with art by Agustin Padilla). Man, I never expected I’d see a legitimate article about Larry Hama’s GI: JOE in USA Today, but my expectations exist solely to be confounded every day, don’t they?

The article covers a lot, including Hama’s own reminiscing of his situation when he took the gig in the first place. Basically, he was desperate at the time and was only offered GI: JOE after every other writer at Marvel turned it down (since toy-based jobs were considered to be the bottom of the barrel). 28 years later, and that gig he started out of desperation has become one of the more highly-regarded runs from the 80s and early 90s. New and old readers have been gobbling up the CLASSIC GI: JOE collections, and IDW’s taken notice. That’s why we’re getting this series.

For those of you who’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat since ’94 but, somehow, still need a refresher… the storyline left off with GI: JOE getting disbanded and dispersed while that ol’ ruthless terrorist organization, Cobra, was still out there in the world. Cobra Commander was actually on the verge of sacking our nation’s capitol. Who could stop these evil foes? If you’ve waited 16 years to find out, you only have a couple weeks left, now.  Issue #155 ½ is picking all this up where it left off for Free Comic Book Day at the start of next month.

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I think this is great news! I'll admit I loved the original Marvel G.I. Joe comics. The Devil's Due and IDW ones have been good but it just feels like something was missing. Sooooo happy about this.

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Where the movie fumbled this book will recover! I will definitely be picking this up

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This is looking awesome, I think the best part is that they are continuing with the classic numbering and picking the story up were it left off. Its a huge risk I think but also one with a huge reward if pulled off correctly. Can't wait for free comic day

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I'm with you too. This is great news for hardcore G.I. Joe fans :D
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Will we get good Hama or the lazy, goofball Hama who wrote several of the comic issues inserted in the recent action figure two-packs? I hope that was just Hasbro making him lame, but you know how creators decline when they get older, like George Lucas.
I did think SPOOKS was pretty cool though.

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I've been skipping the new Joe series simply because all the characters were written away from their Vietnam era origins.  Guess I'll have to get back into it!

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I wouldnt compare that to the situation with Forever at all, as much as you guys seem to dig trying to slight the sales of that book for whatever reason (CC stole your beer?), not considering the difference is Hama actually wrote the bulk of the filecards for the original GIJOE figures, and therefore actually is the one who came up with the characters. it would be more like having Ditko and Lee returning in this case, which i think would get less objection. and in any case Hama's comcis have been great, all of them. i will be getting this.

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Of all the FCBD comics, I think I'm most interested in this one. I flipped through a few page preview on another site and it looked pretty good.

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I'll be looking out for this, no question. Hama's run on the original G.I. Joe comic was an unexpected treat I serendipitously stumbled across.

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I uploaded the issue data and covers for 156 and my review. Did anyone else pick up this issue? What did you think of 156?

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I've been reading this, so far so good.  Hama has had some misses when it comes to G.I.Joe over the past few years when Devil's Due took over.   He seems to have dropped right back into where he left off when Marvel ended the series. 

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