'GI Joe' Sequel And...Zombies?

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'Zombieland' screenwriters want to take on 'the Joe's'!

I don't know how many of you guys actually enjoyed GI Joe: Rise of Cobra, but I didn't. Sure the movie was fun and had some really awesome CGI action sequences; but the endless number of plot-holes and the inaccurate portrayal of some of the characters was too much for me. Naturally, I toss the fact that the film was pretty awful to the scripting because honestly, the special effects were pretty awesome. I was actually surprised to see that the same guys that wrote the script for that film, were also responsible for films like Collateral, as well as the three 'Pirates of the Caribbean' films, movies that I honestly felt were pretty solid. But GI Joe was mediocre at best. Now I don't know how many of you actually caught Zombieland when it was released in theaters last year, but the movie, starring Woody Harrelson was awesome--even if it wasn't a blockbuster, so I was pretty excited when I found out that the screenwriters for Zombieland were going to tackle to script for the sequel to GI Joe. I am really hoping that Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the guys that wrote Zombieland, can do GI Joe some justice in the film's sequel. I've got hope for the sequel, not just because of how awesome Zombieland was, but because Reese and Wernick are fans of the genre.

My very first movie was a ‘G.I. Joe’ movie; I used the little ‘G.I. Joe’ action figures [as my actors], I was like 9; the sad thing was that I figured I could do stop-motion with a video camera - and we know that stop motion doesn’t work with a video camera for anyone who’s ever tried it, especially the old video cameras – so, I realized pretty quickly that it wouldn’t be a seamless motion. I’d set them up, deliver the lines.

I feel like a movie is always better when the people scripting are fans of the particular genre, so I really think this is good news.

We can say that we will be faithful to the first film. We will not be ignoring events from the first in the second. It’s hard to think of it being any bigger; that was a big movie. They blew up a lot of stuff. We hope for it to be as fun, that the characters really pop. We’ll be introducing some new characters.

New characters? Maybe Flint? What about Gung-ho? Also, I cannot wait to see what they'll have Zartan do in the sequel!
Just because these guys will remain "faithful" to the first film, does not mean they won't improve on what is already out there. I personally am excited about this, what about you? Are you looking forward to a sequel to GI Joe?
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Yes I def want a GI JOE sequel

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sure the first movie had some problems but it was good fun and I enjoyed it

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This better not affect anything with the Deadpool movie.
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GI JOE movie would be good.
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I hope the Baroness is evil in it and stays evil.

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Isn't this old news???
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The best thing I could say about the G.I. Joe movie. It wasn't as horrible as I thought it was going to be.
I just couldn't get over the movie's Baroness.

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Could they please make Scarlett just a little less Penelope Pittstop this time?

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I really enjoyed GI Joe and i think Zombieland may be one of my favorite movies ever. 
this is good.

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So the dudes responsible for the AMAZING intricacy of Pirates of the Carribean, which had a deep plot full of rich history, metaphors and stuff like that, were responsible for this sensless plot in G.I. Joe! Wow. 
Don't get me wrong. I loved the G.I. Joe movie. I thought it was awsome and I would like to see it many times again. I really want to see a sequel too. But I just can't believe that this was done by the same guys as Pirates.

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Never saw the first one
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I personally loved it so I'm looking forward to the next one. Hope I won't be disappointed like I was with Revenge of the Fallen.
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Zombieland was an amazing movie! 
Definately one of my faves from 2009, so I believe it's in good hands.
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GI Joe movie was God-Awfful.  I would prefer them to make a sequel, but reboot the Franchise.  In other words, they can acknowledge that the fist one existed, but completely redo everything.  New Actors, New Director.  New Direction. 

Have the "International" Task Force lose its funding and have the GI Joe team find their new home in America. 

Someone needs to readjust Snakeye's Mask so it doesn't have the Mouthpiece.  That was annoying and distracting.  (Ray Park is the only actor allowed to reprise his role as he was the only one that didn't suck)

Please include Cobra Commander.  That abomination onscreen was not Cobra Commander.  Baroness won't beable to be in the sequel as they ruined her character too bad.  So, she needs to be written out, as well as, Ripcord.  Insert Tomax and Xamot.  Duke was my favorite character in the regular TV Show, Channng Tatum is a horrible actor and he ruined Duke.  That was a shame.   
Accelerator Suits?  Fricking Accelerator Suits?  What do they Accelerate?  You?  Are you fricking kidding me? GI Joe are now Super Heroes!  They looked like Cheap Chinese Iron Man Suit knock-offs.  That entire movie was unacceptable.  I couldn't even finish watching the movie it wa so bad.   
I could go on and on.   

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For how bad GI Joe was, it was still better than Transformers 2.   
Zombieland was awesome, so who knows, maybe they will do it justice. 
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I was insulted by GI Joe's inaccurate portrayal of all the military.
From Dennis Quaid's ill shapen beret with strings still on the back, to the facial hair on the protagonist Duke in his Class A uniform - this movie was made by children.  While I appreciated the Baroness not remaining evil, I was disgusted by Duke's crap.  He should have fixed their relationship before that happened.  He should have been a man and stuck by the woman who sent her heart with him to war.
The movie needed to be in touch with a tad bit of realism and humanity.

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babs didn't enjoy g.i. joe???
well most people who know the history of something going into a movie thinking "yawn i know how this goes" only to sit there with your jaw open saying "wtf, it doesn't go down like that, my childhood memories have been raped and pillaged by hollywood." 
I personally thought the movie was pretty damn good, especially for what it was and not getting screened.

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I'm a die hard GI Joe fan, the first film was a lot of fun, but it could have been much better. 90% of my complaints were in the acting. The story was really strong it just had too much going on too fast, the holes aren;t as big as you think if you watch it more then once or twice, but there was no development at all, something these guys could fix.  
Sounds great, I'm wondering how far along things are, the Director and the studio both said about two weeks after the first was out, that the 2nd was already in pre production, so where are they with it? The Director was asked by MTV in sept about it and he said he was hoping for a release in 2010 if they could get it together and if not then spring 2011. I'm wondering, is that still the case?

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I absolutely hated the sequel. The only reason I did not walk out of the theater, was cuz I brought my mother along cuz she wanted to see it. The script was childish and not a single one of the actors in the leads did anything creditable. 
I hope this second one redeems that pile of crap.
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I absolutely hated the sequel. The only reason I did not walk out of the theater, was cuz I brought my mother along cuz she wanted to see it. The script was childish and not a single one of the actors in the leads did anything creditable. 
I hope this second one redeems that pile of crap.
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I enjoyed the 1st film and i'm looking forward to the 2nd but gopefully it will be better.

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I loved the first movie and I hope the sequel is just as good! Snake-Eyes is sooo cool!
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dude i loved transformers 2 - it's one of my alltime favourite movies ever!!!!
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I knew a sequel will be for possible for this Movie.


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@heroic_warrior76: Let's hope they fix Snake-Eyes costume and bring back Storm Shadow, those  two make the greats fight scene s together!
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can't wait though I haven't seen zombie land yet but I do hear good things about it

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