gi joe rise of cobra (just a few thoughts)

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Just saw the movie,    it really surprised me it was awesome two thumbs up! everyone in the theater clapped when it was over, i personally loved joseph gordon levitt as cobra commander at first i had many doubts cuz i remeber him as "cameron" from ten things i hate about you, but the transition to the evil raspy voiced cobra commander  was great, may i add that cobra commander is my all time favorite character in the series, soo the casting at first was kind of rocky but he pulled through. stephan summers did  a good job, i mean i dont get why people are talking soo much shit, he did movies i loved as a kid and im sure alot of you guys liked the mummy movies. and first of all its hollywood and we know their gonna mess up the stuff we love but thats gonna happen you know. yes the movie messed up some stuff but thats natrual with hollywood but over all the movie was great,ray park brought snake eyes to life he and lee byung-hun    was perfect as storm shadow. this movie is the under dog, i recommend you see it for yourself and you'll have a good time in this movie    
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I saw it today too and I really liked it a lot

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