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Hey guys Im a huge Cobra fan. I have read every cobra issue since the first mini and love it. In fact I would say that Cobra is hands down one of the top 10 ongoings right now. My question is that are the other two Joe books worth reading (G.I. Joe and Snake eyes)? I have herd mixed things about and would like to know if they are worth picking up from the beginning and catch up to cobra.

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The first volume of the GI Joe ongoing was a little slow. It didn't read like a classic Chuck Dixon tale. He was laying a lot of groundwork for the series that never really panned out.   
You can skip GI Joe Origins completely. They were primarily done-in-one stories and the Larry Hama arcs have no bearing on the current ongoings because he left to write the other GI Joe ongoing.
I would suggest picking up GI Joe volume 2 and Snake Eyes starting with the Cobra Civil War. I am enjoying them much more than Chuck's fist run. If you are already reading one title, you should enjoy all three.  
The next arc, Cobra Command, will tie all three books together very tightly according to Chuck and Mike Costa, so you will probably need to read all three to enjoy any one series.
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I forgot to mention that IDW put out an omnibus for GI Joe volume 1 that is incredibly inexpensive.

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