Favorite Joes/Cobras

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Who are your favorite G.I. Joe characters and why?
 I like so many that it's hard for me to narrow them down but I'm going to pick just 3 on each side.
My favorite Joes are: Jinx, Shipwreck and Beachead. I like Jinx because out of all the female characters, she's the most unique in that while she's a ninja like Scarlett, she's actually Asian! Plus she can fight frickin' blindfolded! Shipwreck is just hilarious to me and I just love Beachlead's surly attitude.
As for Cobra: I have to go with the big three: Cobra Commander, Destro and the Baroness, need I say more?

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1. Snake-Eyes

2. Storm Shadow

3. Zartan


After them some of my other favorites are....


Destro, Firefly, Shipwreck, Gung-Ho, Duke, Hawk, The Baroness, Nemesis Enforcer, Spirit, Scarlett, and Beachhead.

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G.I.JOE- Stalker, Snake eyes, Roadblock

COBRA- Destro, Baroness, Storm shadow

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For G.I. Joe I like Duke, Falcon, and Hawk

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My favorite G. I. Joe heroes are Lt. Falcon, Snake-Eyes, and Sgt. Slaughter.

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Top three Joes: Snake-Eyes, Shipwreck, and Roadblock.

Top three Cobras: Cobra Commander, Krake, and Firefly.

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Duke and Snake Eyes for the Joes

Cobra: Cobra Commander and Storm Shadow

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