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This issue, as it is named, is about the passing of the Oktober Guard, the Soviet version of the G. I. Joe Team. The issue opens with a full scale assualt on a Cobra prison camp in the country of Sierra Gordo. The camp, run by Voltar, houses the leader of Sierra Gordo, "El Jefe", who has been deposed while Destro runs the country. The Oktober Guard find themselves storming the prison with the intentions of convincing El Jefe that when he returns to power that he should take up Communism as his government of choice. Unbeknownst to them a covert G.I.Joe team has also been breaking into the prison, albeit much more stealthily. The story continues with a few twists and turns, but gives a good end to the Guard, they go down against oppressive odds with the same humor, and comraderie that they were known for.

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