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The spit has hit the fan! It's PG-13 and I can't say "spit?" Are you kidding me? Anyway, point being-this issue explodes with excitement and ramps up the danger to lead us into…
Zartan stabs Cover Girl through the chest and before General Hawk can react Storm Shadow thrusts his sword into Hawk's gut.  Baroness takes the briefcase and the three Cobra soldiers make their exit from the bloody scene.  General Hawk staggers to press the silent alarm, while Cover Girl lays across from him dead.  
The alarm at the Pit blazes and the Joes all react as Cobra Vipers raid their base.  Duke blocks Baroness and she asks him if he could kill her as she walks closer towards him, though he hesitates to shoot.  A viper prepares to shoot Duke but Ripcord tackles him and the shot blows up the walkway that Baroness and Duke were on instead.  Ripcord pulls his gun out on Baroness and tells her to freeze, but Storm Shadow intercepts him and cuts his gun in two.  Storm Shadow prepares to slash Ripcord but Snake Eyes appears and counter his attacks.  Baroness gathers herself together but is tackled down by Scarlett.  The two women fight it out and Scarlett uses an invisibility cloak to disappear from Baroness' sight.  Unable to see her attacker, Baroness is easily subdued by Scarlett in her invisible cloaking.  Baroness quickly grabs some type of liquid near by and splashes it onto Scarlett disrupting her invisibility cloak advantage.  Scarlett momentarily stunned by this is now overtaken by Baroness.  Duke rushes towards Baroness and Scarlett just as Storm Shadow arrive on his jet pack to pick up Baroness for their escape.  Before Baroness and Storm Shadow leave, Baroness whacks Duke in the face with the briefcase and then they take off.  
Scarlett is alone in the bathroom looking at the bruises she got from Baroness choking her.  Ripcord walks in on her and they talk.
In a flashback, a young Snake Eyes sneaks into someone's home to steal some food to eat.  A young Storm Shadow calls out thief and attacks the young Snake Eyes.  An older man comes in and tells Storm Shadow to back off their young intruder and offers young Snake Eyes some help.  The old man becomes Snake Eye's martial arts master and quickly becomes his favorite pupil.  A scorned Storm Shadow is seemingly accused of murdering their master as it is seen that Storm Shadow's blade was used to kill their master.  
Scarlett and the other Joes are performing an autopsy on one of the dead Vipers that attacked the Pit where she discovers that the body has been imbued with nano mites.  Ripcord deduces that McCullen probably set them up when he asked them to open the case for him.  Breaker informs them that he has tracked the Baroness and they suit up and leave.
A tiny flashback reveals that Duke feels responsible for the death of Rex because he sent Rex into a house to search for something.
Baroness arrives in a lab in Paris where she tells her husband Leon to do her a favor.  After activating the warheads for her, Baroness kisses him and Storm Shadow stabs Leon and leaves him to die.  The Joes arrive onto the scene but they are too late Storm Shadow and Baroness are already on the move.  Snake Eyes leaps onto the Cobra's get away vehicle while the others pursue them in another vehicle.  Storm Shadow and Baroness manages to get Snake Eyes off the top of their vehicle but are now tailed by Duke and Ripcord who are in accelerator suits.  After a fancy chase scene, Storm Shadow and Baroness gets into a wreck with an oncoming train and decide to take the chase on foot.  Duke goes after Baroness who has the kill switch while Ripcord goes after Storm Shadow who has the warhead.  Storm Shadow manages to get a shot at the Eiffel Tower and leaps out the window before Ripcord can catch him.  The warhead hits the Eiffel Tower and it is consumed with nano mites which eat away at its construct.  Duke chases Baroness onto the roof of a building.  Baroness spots Storm Shadow in a helicopter and leaps out towards the helicopter.  With the help of the accelerator suit, Duke manages to leap on board with them as well.  Duke manages to hit the kill switch after a brief struggle and stops the nano mites from doing further damage.  Baroness congratulates Duke for being able to stop the attack on Paris, and Storm Shadow knocks Duke out.

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