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Part 2 of this 4-part weekly series introduces us to the major characters of the G.I. JOE franchise in ways we've never imagined!
The Joes team surround Duke and insist that he hand over the briefcase to them, but he resist despite being outnumbered.  Ripcord soon joins him but everything is still at a stalemate.  General Hawk explains that his unit will be handling the transportation of the high risk weaponry, but Duke refuses saying that he was the one appointed for the task and that he will follow through.  Hawk gives in but insist that his unit accompany Duke and Ripcord seeing that they are now undermanned and under-armed.  
While inside the Joes aircraft, Scarlett treats Ripcord's injuries while Duke converse with the others.  Soon, they arrive at the Joes base called the Pit.  They are greeted while at the Pit and General Hawk gives them a tour and explains the G.I.Joe mission.  They eventually reach a room where James McCullen is awaiting them.  The McCullen before them is reveal to be some form of holographic projection for communications purposes.  McCullen and Hawk discuss the attack on Duke's convoy.  McCullen asks if they can still deliver the case to NATO, and Hawk replies that it is unwise to expose them before the mysterious attackers are revealed and dealt with.  McCullen agrees, but he asks if he can examine the warheads first and he does so.  As he finishes he ends the holographic projection and Scarlett asks Breaker and Heavy Duty for their input; while Breaker couldn't make heads or tails of the voice analyzer, Heavy Duty believes that McCullen is working an angle.
Elsewhere at MARS lab, McCullen is revealed to have been in cahoots with the dark haired woman called Baroness.  They argue about their failed mission, but are glad that they manage to secretly activate the tracking device on the case to locate it's position.  McCullen leaves and meets with the Doctor where he demonstrates his latest creation, the perfect soldiers.  The Doctor explains that he has injected his test subjects with nano technology which makes them fearless and completely obedient.   McCullen impressed orders the Doctor to send a troop to rendezvous with Storm Shadow and Baroness.
Back at the Pit, Hawk tells Duke that he is now the custodian of the briefcase and that Duke's mission is complete.  Duke unwilling to leave tells Hawk that he wants in on the new task.  As incentive, Duke reveals that he once knew the Baroness and a curious Hawk listens.
In Paris, France, the Baroness returns home to her husband.  As she makes her way to her bed chamber, she is greeted by Storm Shadow who tells her that they will be going after the warheads at dawn.
Hawk and Duke continue to talk about Baroness and her past.  Hawk asks Duke if he is able to kill Baroness and Duke says that he will if he has too.  Duke and Ripcord get acquainted with the rest of the Joes.  Ripcord is especially interested in Scarlett.  
Hawk alone in his office does some paperwork until a knock is heard on his door.  It is Cover Girl who asks him for a few signatures for some documents.  As Hawk signs them, Cover Girl is impaled through the chest by a dagger.

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