Check Out The Latest 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' Movie Posters And More

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If there is one thing G.I. Joe: Retaliation promises to be it's action packed. The upcoming movie is going to feature some of the biggest names in action movies (Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson, to name two). As if those two guys weren't promise enough that this movie will feature non-stop action, then the latest sizzle reel might convince you. The collection of clips taken from the upcoming movie give fans of the franchise a peek at the different action sequences they can expect to see in the upcoming film, and it gives us a taste at the level of choreographed fighting and special effects we'll see in the movie. Although the latest sizzle reel simply comprises a lot of what we have already seen in the movie trailers promoting the film, it's still kind of neat to see the collection of clips all in one place.

In addition to the reel were also two G.I. Joe: Retaliation character movie posters: one that was unveiled earlier today featuring actor Dwayne Johnson, and the other was revealed yesterday and featured action star Bruce Willis. The two actors were front and center and ready for action in these International film posters, clearly setting the tone for the feeling we'll get in the upcoming film.

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Promotional videos, the reveal of movie posters and more have been hitting the web nearly every day over the course of the last several weeks (you can check out the special message from COBRA forces that we posted yesterday, for example) and it's no wonder since the film is scheduled to hit theaters across North America later this month on March 28th, 2013.

What do you think of the posters and the sizzle reel? Are you looking forward to the release of the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation movie? Let us know in the comments, below.

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#1 Posted by iaconpoint (1363 posts) - - Show Bio

After the bar was set so low with the first movie, this one has got to be better, correct? Is the Rock at least gonna rhyme everything he says as Roadblock?

#2 Posted by snarkybits (392 posts) - - Show Bio

SO looking forward to this!

#3 Posted by GothamRed (2554 posts) - - Show Bio

Bruce Willis IS G.I. Joe, should be fun

#4 Posted by ShadowSwordmaster (17093 posts) - - Show Bio

Looks good

#5 Posted by Scott757 (55 posts) - - Show Bio

As horrible as the first movie was, this one looks friggen fantastic to me. Now dont get me wrong it's far from HIGH ART but I am really looking forward to this movie!

#6 Posted by JamesKM716 (1995 posts) - - Show Bio

Not going to lie, I loved the first movie, perhaps it's because I was younger then, but still.

#7 Posted by kennybaese (1159 posts) - - Show Bio

I think this looks awesome, but then I liked the first one for how goddamn stupid it was. Cobra had an UNDERWATER BASE for god's sake.

#8 Posted by NightFang (10379 posts) - - Show Bio

@kennyshat said:

I think this looks awesome, but then I liked the first one for how goddamn stupid it was. Cobra had an UNDERWATER BASE for god's sake.

We all know Cobra should be fighting the Justice League or Shield.

#9 Posted by NICKXH (303 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm hoping it will be better than Good Day to Die Hard.

#10 Posted by dontbelievethehyperion (50 posts) - - Show Bio

The first movie was good stupid fun! I watch it all the time. I don't know if people were expecting Hamlet but I thought they did pretty good for GI Joe.

I'm looking forward to this.

#11 Posted by rasx (242 posts) - - Show Bio

Really looking forward to this.

#12 Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy (8127 posts) - - Show Bio

Meh. Not expecting much out of this movie.

#13 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6836 posts) - - Show Bio

Liked everything here except for the music.

#14 Posted by Queen's Halo (2406 posts) - - Show Bio

I hate that the first movie had has so little effect on this and that I mean you could probably never have seen the first movie and this would still make as much sense as if you had. Also I really liked Baroness and Scarlett so I'm pissed they aren't in this.

#15 Posted by weaponx (1566 posts) - - Show Bio

At first I thought those were light sabers behind Dwayne Johnson...

#16 Posted by jaydee98 (18 posts) - - Show Bio

Ninja please! I'm gonna see it just for Snake Eyes, Jinx and Storm Shadow.

#17 Posted by ThomasElliot (371 posts) - - Show Bio

I like the crappy GI Joe movie better than all 3 crappy Transformers movies... except the exo-suit things. That was killing me. Hated it, because I was convinced what they were trying to do was make a series of films about soldiers in exo-suits. PUKE.

But I do look forward to this sequel. They announced the film when my mom gave birth to me, then it was supposed to come out when I graduated... but now, finally on my 65th birthday and about to get my first social security check, its finally going to be in theaters.

Pork chop sandwiches.

#18 Posted by AmazingWebHead (5076 posts) - - Show Bio

Yo Joe!

#19 Posted by Miss_Garrick (1757 posts) - - Show Bio

I WOULD be interested, but I have this condition. I must avoid as much of Bruce Willis as possible. On the other hand, there's going to be crazy ninja action scenes, and I loves crazy ninja action scenes...

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