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The new campaign against Cobra is paying off as prisons are bursting with captured Cobra operatives! In the midst of the team's success, the war gets personal. Firefly is back and 'bad blood' doesn't even begin to describe things! Plus: the fuse has been lit. The war is about to explode!

Snake Eyes and Scarlett journey to Japan and arrive at the old Arashikage dojo. The trail leading to Firefly ends here. They make their way inside to find themselves surrounded by ninjas with Firefly taunting them from above.

At M.A.R.S. headquarters in Scotland, Cobra Commander has a meeting with Alexander, Destro's son. Alexander is not happy that Cobra has seized control over M.A.R.S. from his father. Cobra says Destro made his choice, his infant son (Alexander's half-brother) in exchange for the McCullen Empire. He wants to use Alexander's skills to command an Army for him.

Firefly continues to taunt Snake Eyes as he and Scarlett fight the ninjas. Scarlett tells Snake Eyes to go after him and she'll take care of the "losers."

In South Boston, a man, a priest, walks downt the street with groceries. He's about to get mugged from behind when someone grabs the mugger and pulls him into an alley. There is a scream of "No!" followed by a silencing "krak." The priest asks the man what he wants. He says he's his guardian angel and he wants his soul to be saved. He later tells the Father the information that's been riding on his shoulders. The father says the fact that he's come to him and is in such turmoil is a sign that he is not beyond redemption for all the sins he's committed. He says that now is the time he has to make a choice and pick a side.

At the Rock (G.I. Joe headquarters), Hawk talks to Shipwreck while he's working out. Shipwreck figures Hawk's going to lecture him about getting involved with Cover Girl, a fellow teammate, and how it could jeopardize things out in the "field." Hawk tells him the opposite. He says that their time is short and if they're happy, they should "go for it."

Over Greenland, Flint and Stalker escort Major Bludd to his new "home." Bludd tells them they're wasting their time and money because he'll escape within weeks. When he sees the snowy prison, he begins to have second thoughts.

Back in Japan, Snake Eyes and Firefly have their final showdown. Firefly can't seem to shut up. They end up in the room where the Hard Master died. Firefly catches Snake Eyes by surprise and slices him in the back with a knife. The knife was dipped in poison. Firefly is about to kill Snake Eyes. He tells him that he's going to ravage Scarlett's face to look like his but he'll let her live to curse Snake Eyes for the rest of her life. Then an arrow pins Firfly's hand to the wall. Scarlett tells him she's going to let him live so that he can curse Snake Eyes.

General Colton has a mission for Shipwreck and Cover Girl. They need to find and take down a former Cobra Viper that goes by the name Skull Buster. Cover Girl wonders why she was chosen to accompany Shipwreck. Colton says it's at the recommendation of Hawk.

In Atlanta, Georgia, at the home of Scarlett's father, she and Snake Eyes pay a visit. Her dad tells Snake Eyes that he hated him after he left his daughter at the alter and couldn't understand why she would give him a second chance. He has come around and understands how Snake Eyes has lost and sacrificed so much, including losing his entire family. He tells him that he has a family there now and doesn't need to wear any mask. Snake Eyes removes his mask.

At the Rock, Sparks is on monitor duty when an old access code comes up with a message. In shock, he tries to find out who is sending the transmission. The message says that it is a warning. World War III has begun...

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