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The G.I. Joe team receives word that a private para-military unit known as "Strike First" is being funded by Cobra and they decide to investigate. Hawk and Grunt go under cover and join the militia as new recruits while Snake Eyes conducts covert surveillance on the camp.

The Joes have to purposely act out of shape and clumsy to try and throw off the trainers at the camp. After a very short amount of time the Joes realize that there is something wrong with the camp but while investigating they trip a silent alarm and their cover is blown. Grunt and Hawk hold their own in a massive brawl but are eventually overpowered. Just before they are executed though, Snake Eyes saves them and lets them know that the leader of the camp has launched a plane with a nuclear warhead aboard and is planning World War 3.

Hawk steals a plane and intercepts the bomber, while the rest of the Joes take the camp. In his final moments the leader of the camp sets the detonator on a nuclear weapon buried beneath the base. It comes down to the final seconds for Zap, the Joes demolition man, to defuse the weapon and stop the detonation.

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