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The Joes have just completed a mission in which several Cobra personnel were captured and a large robot in pieces were seized. General Flagg ordered the robot to be taken to G.I. Joe headquarters, The Pit, for examination and safeguarding. Once the robot arrives at the Pit, it is taken to one of the sub-levels and scanned for any signs of functionality, to which none is found. It is a trick though, as Cobra Commander used a chemical based delay to trigger reactivation of the robot, at which point it locks security entrances and begins rebuilding itself. The purpose of the robot is to help Cobra discover the location of the base, but in order to do so, the robot must make it to the upper level so that the homing beacon signal can be transmitted. The Joes are locked in various parts of the Pit and use different methods to break free and find out what sealed the security doors which trapped them in different parts of the Pit. As the robot nears the surface of the Pit where the homing beacon signal would be picked up by Cobra, the Joes manage to fool the robot into falling into an open hydraulic shaft causing it to fall six floors down again.

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