jamesewelch's G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #157 review

We have to Charlie Mike.

I try to avoid spoilers in reviews, so don't expect to read any. I will provide an overview of the story without trying to give away any details.  

The last issue left us with a COBRA sniper taking aim at Stalker’s position in the foothills of the Hindu Kush (mountain range between Afghanistan and Pakistan). Back in the states, the rest of the Joes were trying to avoid being captured by COBRA forces now operating as US military and police forces. The United States was under martial law and corporations secretly lead by COBRA Commander was running the show.

Dr Venom’s trojan horse virus continues to cause problems for Dr Mindbender’s computer lab in the Silent Castle as COBRA Commander prepares to convince the generals and congress to hire more military subcontractors – his troops. There wasn’t an editor’s note, but Dr Venom’s Trojan horse virus references issue 155 1/2 (Free Comic Book Day 2010 issue). There’s a new plot twist that adds to the virus linking Billy, COBRA Commander’s son and just recently brainwashed to be loyal to COBRA (see Marvel’s run on GI Joe).

Meanwhile, Storm Shadow and VIPERS investigate the remains of the firefight at Snake-Eye’s cabin. The VIPERS decide to go after Snake-Eye’s wolf companion, Timber, while Storm Shadow realizes the futility of that and moves off for other things. Back in Washington DC, Rock & Roll avoids being seized by COBRA troops and hooks up with General Hawk.
The issue also contains a preview for IDW's upcoming Dungeons & Dragon's title that looks to be set in the Forgotten Realms setting.


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