Ghosted #6

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The Good

After the events at the Trask Mansion, Jackson thinks his new life on his own island is going to be a relaxing one. Unfortunately, there's some ghosts (not literal) from his past that want revenge.

What is fantastic about this issue is it's a great start to a new arc, but it's still tied into the last arc. Normally, a second arc isn't a great place for a new reader to jump on, but writer Josh Williamson does a really good job at keeping this pretty new reader friendly. Sure, there may be a bit of confusion for new readers, but a lot of the dialogue throughout the issue will soften the blow.

We get to know a bit more about Jackson's past with this issue, since he's hauled back to Las Vegas in order to help out someone from his past, and someone from the failed casino robbery Jackson alluded to numerous times in the first arc. On top of all of that, we see Anderson again and learn that Jackson has a lot to atone for because of his dark past. It's only a couple pages, but it's a fantastic transition between scenes and lets the reader know that Anderson may be dead, but she isn't gone for good.

Taking over on art duties for this arc is Davide Gianfelice with Miroslav Mrva returning as colorist. Gianfelice's art is fantastic. His line work on the characters is clear and crisp, and Mrva's colors are beautiful, especially in the opening scenes. Gianfelice does a great job of giving the reader his art style, but still keeping in tone with the original designs from the last arc.

The Bad

The turn, at the end of the issue, is a bit much. The last arc deals with Jackson trying to steal a ghost and ends it putting it inside of someone else, so they're possessed. Spoiler time. In this issue, it turns out that the girl Jackson will have to save is possessed. Once again, we're dealing with a ghost in someone's body. Literally, I said "really?" out loud. Regardless of that, I'm still on board.

Minor problems with Gianfelice's page set ups. The panel layouts are incredibly similar on the majority of pages.

The Verdict

Without a doubt, GHOSTED once again impresses. Although there was a bit of a break between issues, the wait was well worth it as the ghostly adventures of Jackson Winters continue. While the turn at the end of the issue was a bit of a bummer and the panel layouts were a bit repetitive, I'm super on board with where this current arc is going and I can't wait to see what is planned. Overall, I highly recommend this issue.

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I wanna know what happened with Trick.

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I am not shocked that the girl Jackson is to rescue is possessed. I mean the book is all about ghosts and demons anyway right?

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@jdp180: Yeah ho knew a book called Ghosted is about Ghosts.

Bit of a stupid criticism if you ask me.

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