tsakura's Ghostbusters 2 review

Got Slime?

It is now five years later. After they saved the city from Gozer… They got sued by everyone. Now they can’t hunt ghost because of a court order. After they dug a hole in the street, they go to court again. Everything is doing real bad for them, until the slime explodes and two Ghost come out of it. They happen to be friends of the judge. He gave them the chair. So they go after him. He takes the Court Order off the Ghostbusters and the go to work. The save the day, and go back to work.

They have to find out why slime is after Dana’s baby and why the Painting of Vigo is alive. After Vigo takes over the city, the Ghostbusters have to save the world once again! After they take out Vigo, the world is save once again! Then they get the Key to the City.

Next to the first movie, this one is 2nd best! The best part of the movie is the Court Room. That always makes me laugh the most. =P Louis is the worst lawyer you could ever have! At one point Peter is telling him what to say! This movie is a perfect sequel to the movie. Of course it doesn’t follow the Real Ghostbusters, but it sets the stage for

“The Ghostbusters The Video Game”

I’m happy the movie went the way it did. They were able to keep the humor in it just right. So anyone who liked the first movie will love this!


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