Ghost Widow...ultimate Heroclix?

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Hello everybody,

I don't know if anybody plays Heroclix, but if you do you should check out Ghost's fun for all!

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I used to play a lot, but I stopped right around when Mutant Mayhem came out. I couldn't keep up with all the new sets, and I could never find anyone to play with.

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Ghost Widow is one of my favorite pieces. I usually give her Armor Piercing for her Poison power and Auto Regeneration in case she gets hit. That Arachnos TA is a nice bonus as well.

#4 Posted by Fourpower (R.I.P) (2057 posts) - - Show Bio

Will someone explain to me what HeroClix is? It sounds fun.

#5 Posted by Amos AMmassee (42 posts) - - Show Bio

Heroclix is a customizable minatures game based on the Marvel, DC, and Independant comic characters including City of Heroes and City of Villains. You build a team and go against another guy who has built a team and try to knock eacj other out. You can also make different scenerios to make things a little more interesting, like using all flayer or no figures over 100pts or something. It's a fun game, but it takes a little time to learn everything. I run tournaments on Tuesdays in North Houston and play in them on Wednesdays.

#6 Posted by Fourpower (R.I.P) (2057 posts) - - Show Bio

Where can I get it?

#7 Posted by NiteFly (1535 posts) - - Show Bio

Most comic book and gaming stores in my area sell them. Try your local comic shops.

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