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Hellstorm, the Son of Satan, occult terrorist Jaine Cutter, junior Anti-Christ Kid Blackheart and sword-wielding nun Sister Sara are crossing the country on motorcycles, trying to find a gateway to hell. That's bound to go smoothly, right? Not if the minions of renegade angel Zadkiel have anything to say about it. Make way for the demented return of Scarecrow and Madcap to the Ghost Rider rogues gallery. Better buy two copies of this issue because you're bound to wet one with your tears of terror.

In the small town of Jaspercounty, two officers start the day. They have a conversation in which one of the officers caught two guys in crazy costumes and then locked them up. Meanwhile in the cells, Scarecrow and Madcap are in the cell surrounded by dead bodies.

Hours later Sara, Hellstorm, Jaine, and Anton arrive in the town to hide him only to find the satanic church in which they were going to gone. It is then told by Jaine that Zadkiel moved it and that the longer he stays in Heaven to more he can change anything on Earth.

The team ends up in Jaspercounty. Jaine enters a grocery store to get a beer and is encountered by Madcap.

Meanwhile Hellstorm enters an abandoned fair and finds Scarecrow with two victims.

Sara and anton are then chased by the towns people who have been turned into maniacs. The chase leads the two in the satanic Church they were looking for.

Back in the Grocery store, Madcap is teasing Jaine until Jaine beats him for information. She then fires a living bulet at Madcap but has no effect. He then blast Jaine with his mental lock.

Back on the fair, Hellstorm is stabbed by Scarecrow's pitch fork and taunts him with an image of Hellstorm ending up like his father Satan which scares him. Minutes later Madcap arrives with a possesed Jaime who points the gun at Hellstrom' head.

Back in the church, Sara gets knocked out by Master Pandemonium while Anton stands and does nothing and smiles.

Back at the church. The nuns with guns are getting ready for the attack that lies outside.

Outside, Vengeance, The Orb, and a gang of zombie bikers stand outside the gate. Vengeance tells the bikers to kill all the nuns but to leave the Ghost Riders to him.

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