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The brothers Ghost Rider are together again, but it ain't exactly the sweetest of family reunions. When Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch hit the road together, searching for a gateway to Heaven, they find the highways guarded by two of the wildest villains they've ever encountered. And if Big Wheel and Trull the Inhuman don't spell doom for Blaze and Ketch, the bickering brothers may just kill each other. 
In the middle of a vast mountain area, Blaze and Ketch are in search for the enterance to heaven.  But Blaze and Ketch end up fighting.  At this point Blaze has had enough of Ketch and angry to the fact that he sold his soul to the devil. Blaze is about to leave Ketch but both of them are attacked by Big Wheel who runs over Ketch flat to the ground.  Blaze helps him up and the two end up turning into Ghost riders and go after him. 
Two days earlier it is revealed that Ketch tells Blaze, Sara, Hellstorm and Jaine if they get Anton Satan to safety, he will give him the keys to heaven.  At this point the group splits to two.  Hellstorm, Sara, and Jaine take Anton to the safe spot wile Blaze and Ketch search for the gate. 
Back on the road the Ghost Riders go after Big Wheel.  Ketch tries to hook Big Wheel only to be dragged to the side of the road and grapped by Big Wheel's claw hand.  Blaze tries to drop rock on him but is grabbed as well.  Finally both Ghost Riders are thrown off the hill by Big Wheel.  Blaze grabs hold of his cycle and not fall while Ketch does hit the ground. 
Big Wheel then ends up attacking a construction and the workers.  He gets encountered by Blaze on the and they engadge in a game of chicken. 
Meanwhile Ketch wakes up from his fall but is smashed by Trull the Might in the form of a giant bulldozer.  He taunts Ketch trying to smash him but Ketch shows insane strength and lifts up Trull and throws him in the air.  Ketch then smashes Trull with a tree. But Trull enters another construction vehicle and tries to crush Ketch. But he destroys the machine and then crushes a chainsaw which Trull tries to enter.
Blaze ends of defeating Big Wheel in the chicken match after Big Wheel accidently gets caught in Blaze's fire trail. He then gives Big Wheel the Penance stare.  
Minutes after the fight Ketch almost loses his mind and attacks workers who have done bad things but is stopped by Blaze.  They make it to the gate but there is no key to get in.  Blaze thinks it's the wrong gate and the two move on to find another way to get into Heaven.   
All of a sudden a white dove is scene flying with a key in it's mouth but the dove is then killed by Blackout who was waiting at the gate the entire time.
Meanwhile at some church, a group of nuns arm themselves with guns getting ready to fight something big.

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