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Let's Ride!!!!!

As a fan of Ghost Rider I decided to check and it out and I enjoyed it. The movie told Johnny's past and why he chose to make the deal with Mephisto in order to help his dad. We later see how making a deal with him can have dangerous results. The Rider looked cool and was a bad ass like when he went against the mugger and some goons in the jail. He was someone you don't want to mess with! The story was great and I like how Johnny decided to keep the power in order to help people and how Roxanne still loved him, like how she touched his skull and wasn't afraid. I thought the demons Blackheart, Abigor, Gressil and Wallow were great enemies and they looked cool too. Overall I'm giving it a 4/5 because it had some great action scenes like Ghost Rider's Penance Stare and his bike riding on water and on a building, a great cast, and fun film to enjoy. I did like it and I think fans will enjoy it too. The ending speech was awesome and thought it really fit the story along with the music too. This is a great movie and is a fun movie to enjoy.


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    Is Ghost Rider the worst comic book movie ever made? Not at all. There are plenty of films far more worthy of universal revile. Ghost Rider is full of tantalizingly fantastic concepts, that are almost utterly ruined by a lot of horrendous execution. Though parts of it land in the 'So Awful It's Hilarious' category.The movie begins with a very awkward introductory scene in Johnny Blaze's childhood, in which he makes a deal with the devil (Mephistopheles) to save his father from cancer, even thoug...

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     Ok first up Ghost Rider is one of my favorite characters EVER. Now differently than other ppl I liked this movie. It wasn't my favorite Marvel movie so far, but it isn't my least favorite. Perhaps it s just me.This is the lowdown:  WHAT I LIKED: - Sam Elliot and Petr Fonda - these guys just NAILED the interpretation of Caretaker and Mephisto. They both carried th opportune gravitas to their characters. With Mephisto, you know u shouldn't trust the guy cos of the way he talks but the way he play...

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