Angels God and Lucifer in the MU

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I dont know if this is the right place to post this question I just figure since these beings often show up in Ghost Rider comics. But where do these beings fall in the marvel universe. When they say God do they mean like GOD or the one above all or what. And also where do these guys fall in a power line up. Love to be enlightened 

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This is the true Lucifer in comics

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@Primmaster64: Oh cool. Marvel comics? or is this morningstar or something from Vertigo
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The judeo-christian mythology are treated as any other mythology in marvel.
The One Above All has nothing to do with any religion.

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@fesak: That makes sense. I guess they dont show up as often as odin and zeus and whatnot maybe because Christianity is still a largely worshiped religion. That would be my guess. 
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Aaron's retcon of GR's origins leaves me in the dark,  it makes no sense, you  have Sky fathers,   but there's never been reference of Jehovah or Yaweh, where the demon and angels come from

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Hmmm is difficult to say marvel has both judeo-christian style beings but also pagan deities, "hell/underworld" itself is splintered into many realms within its self the oldest being the pagan realms, such as Sheoul, Gehenna, Tatarus, Hades Ect, Ect, and then the judeo-christian realms are ruled by many different hell lords, mephisto, satannish, asmodeus and dormammu.

usually if hell being dies and is of considerable power they will either return to there realm or one of the many hell realms, if there a lord and destroyed they will be either reborn on earth through a vessel or again be transfered back to there realm, if there a hell god then they can't really die and can only be trapped or barred from earth.

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