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Hearts of Darkness

Starring three of Marvel's greatest bad-ass heroes, Ghost Rider, Wolverine, and the Punisher are given invitations to Christ's Crown, a small town where everything is not as it seems. Blackheart offers them the ability to to become stronger and to destroy Mephisto. They refuse, which makes Blackheart deside to change their minds by kidnapping a little girl named Lucy. The three of them team-up and defeat Blackheart.

This is easily one of the greatest team-ups in the Marvel Universe, but what if Blackheart decided to do one better? Let's think about other bad-ass superheroes who would gladly join the kicking of Blackheart's ass:

Black Widow














Moon Knight


Nick Fury



Silver Sable






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    One star 0

    This made me wonder who thought, of all stories, that this should deserve the graphic novel format. Why did this need to be longer and more expensive than an average Ghost Rider comic of the time? Long story short, an evil creature kinda forms out of nowhere and wants the help of Ghosty, Logan, and Pun to defeat Mephisto. They all decline and then they fight. The good guys win. That's pretty much it. I ended up skimming a lot of the dialogue because it was unnecessary. It was basically just one...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

    An Oldie But Goodie! 0

    While reorganizing my comic collection I stumbled upon this one-shot from about twenty years ago or so and realized that I had either never read it or the story totally slipped my memory.  The Good While not a unique concept, we see Blackheart (son of Marvel's version of the devil a.k.a. Mephisto) tempting three of the MU's less morally bound characters.  This would then provide Blackheart with some extra power to kill Mephisto and take over his "operation".  The story was not bad and well paced...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

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