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After having read the Trail of Tears, the only word that springs to mind, is blase. If it weren't for Clayton Crain's art, I'd be inclined to go as far as to call the mini series a waste of time. It started off well enough, but it looses momentum when Ghost Rider finally catches up to his prey. It seems like the issue was more concerned with fire and walking corpses than with a satisfying conclusion. We have it all folks, the grizzled old hero recounting his story in a drunken stupor, the righteous man damned because of his quest for vengeance, and a hooker with a heart of gold to boot. Frankly, the biggest weakness here, is that after issue two, I no longer cared about these characters. At any given point in time, someone could have dropped dead and I would not have batted an eye because I wasn't drawn into the story. The result is a bit of disappointment on my part with this mini. It'll stay in it's long box, but I probably won't be compelled to re-read it.

Posted by Silkcuts

I am grateful for this review, looks like I am in no rush to read this book.

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