gr2blackout's Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance review

More Loud Noise Then The First Movie

Why couldn't they have found anyone to replace Cage? Why?

The Good

Let's start with saying what I liked. GR: SOV has some serious action scenes, heavy metal, and violence. Plus, I like how they included Dan Ketch. Lets not forget PEEING FIRE!

The Bad

Sure it had Blackout, but this Blackout isn't what we're all used to. He survives in the sunlight, he made a deal with Mephisto to be like this, and he rots stuff. I actually named myself after this movie... before I saw it. What else could GR2Blackout mean? I was disappointed with Blackout in this movie. I'm a huge GR fan, but.... ugh!

The Ugly

I have to admit, Johnny Blaze's transformation into Ghost Rider was even worse then the first one. I also really hated how THEY STILL HAD NICHOLAS CAGE!


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