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When struggling teen Robbie Reyes decides it’s time to get his disabled little brother Gabe out of East Los Angeles, he finds the answer to his prayers in the form of an illegal street race with first place winning a hefty fifty thousand dollar grand prize. Unbeknownst to Robbie, the nineteen ninety-nine Dodge Charger he borrows from his place of employment, Canelo’s Auto & Body, is haunted by an unfamiliar Spirit of Vengeance later revealed to be named Eli W. Morrow. Unfortunately the race goes awry when what appears to be the local authorities intervene. Robbie finds himself at a dead end despite his best efforts and he surrenders but is inexplicably gunned down on his knees. The police turn out to be Paramilitary Cartel hired by the super villain Dr. Zabo. They retrieve seven duffle bags filled with mysterious pink pills and leave Robbie and the car to burn. That however, is not the end of Robbie Reyes. As he lay dead, a flare of fire shoots from the car and hits Robbie, his face catches fire, his flesh melts and Robbie Reyes is suddenly transformed into the Hellfire blazing, chain wielding, car riding, leather wearing, supernatural being… the ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER!


Robbie Reyes was co-created by Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore. He made his first appearance in All-New Ghost Rider #1, May 26, 2014. According to Tradd Moore, Robbie's Ghost Rider appearance was intended to evoke a "sleek, techno vibe while also being grim and intimidating" the idea apparently sparked some interesting rhetorical questions as Moore was quoted "In my head I was thinking like, 'What if Death joined Daft Punk? What if Satan became a Power Ranger? What if Speed Racer went to hell and came back a slasher villain? What would that look like?"

Major Story Arcs

Engines of Vengeance

A senior in high school, a gear head working in a garage to pay for his disabled brother, Gabe Reyes' care and well being, Roberto Reyes' life is not an easy one. One day, after he gets done with a shift at Canelo's Auto and Body shop, he goes to pick up his younger brother. On the way to do that however, a few gang banger's, lead by Guero, steal Gabe's wheelchair from him and throw him into a puddle. They taunt and threaten him, taking his comics and sneering the whole time even as he begs for them back. As they are about to leave, Robbie rounds the corner and attacks them, beating down the thugs easily until Guero pulls a pistol on him. They leave Robbie beaten and bloody, but alive. He picks up his brother and promises to get him a new wheelchair soon, before walking them home. They pass by a crime scene in their neighborhood, showing just how bad things in the area are. As he makes his brother dinner and puts him to bed, Robbie sneaks out that night and re-visits Canelo's garage to borrow the Charger he was working on earlier that day.

Showing up to an illegal street race, the prize being fifty thousand dollars, Robbie bets his car on the race. Easily taking the lead from the other racers, he is ecstatic about his grand prize, until he notices them veering off. A helicopter makes it's appearance, spotlighting the Charger and giving chase to Robbie. With visions of his brother being thrown into foster care, and of being locked up, his mind is set. He has to escape and will do so at any costs. Deftly avoiding the chopper for as long as possible, doubling back, recrossing streets and blowing through stop signs, Robbie finally makes a fateful turn down the wrong alleyway and gets stuck and pinned. Getting out of the car he tries to plead his case to the cops on his tail, making apologies to his brother for what happened.

The 'cops' however, open fire on him with automatic weapons, shredding his body up and leaving him in a puddle of blood. They move around his corpse towards the car, dousing it in gasoline as another of the 'cops' goes to inspect the trunk. He retrieves duffle bags full of pink pills and his team walk away from the murder. Setting the gasoline soaked car on fire, they leave the area immediately. A flicker of the flame lands on Robbie's face, melting the flesh off of it slowly, until a transformation takes over, turning Robbie into a Ghost Rider. A scream of pain rips from his throat as he hops into the car, the Charger now possessing flaming wheels as he gives chase to his attackers.

He catches up to them easily, and the paramilitary group opens fire on the teenager turned Ghost Rider. Their bullets are ineffective against the Hell-Charger however, the bullets just bouncing of it's body harmlessly. One of the men get's sick of the attack and pulls out a rocket launcher, firing a rocket at the car. It detonates at the front of the Charger, causing it to flip into the air, a seeming victory for the group of murderers. Prematurely celebrating their 'win', the Hell-Charger lands on it's wheels, completely unfazed by the attack. Robbie speeds up quickly, getting along side the Humvee the group is riding in, before driving through it, bisecting the vehicle easily and sending it's occupants careening away. His angle of attack has caused him to drive off of a bridge however, and mid-fall the Hell-Charger is consumed in a plume of fire, seemingly disappearing.

The rest of the convoy leaves the others behind and goes to their final destination, Palmdale, California. They are revealed to be hired mercenaries in the charge of Dr. Zabo , who had charged them with the retrieval of his drugs, the pink pills. Zabo is seen tinkering with a blue substance inside of a test tube, congratulating his men on finding all the of the drugs...except for one bag in particular. As he gives praise to the men for their difficult mission, he gives one of the men a blue vial, while he himself ingests the contents of the other. Taking the leader into a separate room, bloodcurdling screams are heard before a monstrous beast bursts back out of the room. The revelation being Mr. Hyde, and he approaches the rest of the group, appointing a new leader to retrieve the last batch of his pills, while spitting out the former leaders eyeball as a warning of what would happen if this new one, named McCallum, was to fail.

Waking up in his bed, safe and sound, Robbie thinks that the whole ordeal was just a nightmare. As he prepares for school however, he notices that his eye is now orange. Taking his brother to school, they are able to borrow a wheelchair from a teacher so that Gabe can get around. Robbie heads to his own school, passing the gang banger's that assaulted him the day previously, who comment on Robbie's injuries being gone. They misjudge it assuming he is wearing foundation and mock him for this, but he pays them no mind. In class, a new teacher known as Mr. Wakeford attempts to corral the students so that they will pay attention. He reveals that his iPad has been stolen and his car was broken into on his first day, and Robbie looks to Guero who has the stolen item in his possession.

In a different area of the neighborhood, a man known only as Grumpy, a leader of a gang in the local area, is having a house party. A few of his guests ask for a leg up to score a 'date' with one of the other guests, and Grumpy passes out some of the pink pills he's stolen, mistaking them for roofies. A homeless looking man approached Grumpy with information that his car, the Charger that Robbie had been using to race with, was being used in an illegal race. Grumpy doesn't believe him and sends him packing, as the female that was targeted earlier drinks her spiked drink. As she starts to get woozy from the pills, the two men that drugged her attempt to drag her upstairs. She resists, and starts to transform in front of them into a horrendous creature before attacking both of them, tossing them around like rag dolls and then through a wall. Grumpy notices this and wants the rest of the pills, only to have a member of his gang reveal they'd left the rest in the trunk of the car.

Robbie is seen taking care of his brother, before putting him to bed. His mind is preoccupied with thoughts of the race, his 'dream', and he decides to go and visit the car once more to take it out for a spin. The members of Grumpy's gang are making their way towards the garage to take the car back and to retrieve the pills that are no longer there. They see the Charger being driven away and stop it, getting out to kill the driver. As they open fire with their pistols however, Robbie transforms into the Rider and viciously beats down both of the gang banger's. Wounded and scared they take off in their car, with Robbie giving chase in the transformed vehicle once more, or so it seems. He speeds past them, and on the highway passing cars left and right until he ends up at a salvage yard. Getting out of the car, Robbie transforms back into himself. Looking back to the Charger, he can see in the reflection of the cars paint, the Rider itself. He has a conversation with him, trying to get answers as to what the Rider is.

The Rider however, tells Robbie to ask the question, 'What are we?' instead, implying that they are already bonded with one another. He reveals that they are kindred spirits, both victims of low-life's killing them, and that he's brought Robbie back from the grave to enact vengeance on all that would cause the innocent harm. He promises Robbie the power to change his life and to make it for the better. Robbie doesn't trust the spirit, so the spirit gives him a little taste of what they are, driving the Charger towards Robbie and then showing that it phases right through him with no harm, while simultaneously transforming him into the rider. The spirit reveals it's name as Eli and Robbie finally accepts the offer of his power.

Dr. Zabo's mercenaries are doing sweeps for the stolen pills, knowing that the man that stole them is named Grumpy. Mr. Hyde is furious that someone would steal from them, wanting to kill everyone that wronged them right now, as the pills are revealed to be the secret weapon needed to control the turf of L.A. Mr. Hyde believes that New York is a lost cause because of the number of heroes there and states that they don't work for crumbs. With the pills, they can take over the West side of L.A and then control the whole area through violence and subjugation.

As Robbie and Eli start to bond more, Eli continues to enforce his opinion on Robbie, that all people are scum, low-life's and trash and deserve what's coming to them. In class, Robbie is asked to stay behind by his teacher Mr. Wakeford, who reveals he has knowledge of all the good Robbie is doing, both in school and for his little brother Gabe. His teachers point of view is rather optimistic, going against Robbie's almost nihilistic point of view. After asking about Robbie's services with a wrench, he states he'll drop off his car for repair later on that day. Robbie goes to his shop, only to find his boss shot and bleeding to death. He has no idea who shot up his boss and calls 911. Eli reveals that he knows who did it, and can help as long as Robbie gives up the reins. Robbie agrees and he transforms into the Rider in his shop. However, the Charger is missing.

Back at Grumpy's house, the Charger is sitting outside and he's berating his gang for taking a full day to find the car. The group that was hired by Dr. Zabo is outside, circling and preparing to attack. They start to attack the gang, killing many of it's members in quick order. Grumpy, seeing his gang being slaughtered so easily, grabs the pink pills and makes a break for it, swallowing a large handful of them on the way out.

Robbie at the garage is lamenting the loss of the Charger, saying how they are useless without it. Eli on the other hand, opens a portal in the back of the garage, nudging Robbie towards it. As they complete their transformation into the Ghost Rider, he steps into the portal just as paramedics show up on the scene to take care of Mr. Canelo.

Grumpy is next seen bleeding really badly in the back of the Charger as his gang members drive away from the scene of the carnage, attempting to escape the mercenaries. The gang members start to talk about how they beat up Mr. Canelo, gloating about it and making jokes. Ghost Riders skull starts to materialize on the top of the car, seeming to be an extension of the vehicle itself as he rises up to stand on top of it. Reaching in to rip the gangsters out of the car, he phases them through the roof and tosses them into the sky, beating one down with his fists in a brutal manner. As he dispatches the goons and tosses them free of the car, Grumpy suddenly transforms into a massive creature thanks to the pills, tearing the car apart easily with his new size.

A vicious fight ensues with Grumpy quickly taking the upper hand thanks to his increased strength and speed. He beats Robbie down, though no real damage seems to happen to the Ghost Rider. During the course of the fight, Robbie takes control of the Charger mentally and drives it into Grumpy to distract him before putting him in a choke hold. Thinking they've won, Robbie and Eli are both surprised as Grumpy grips onto his skull and tosses him into the ground. He's revealed to have transformed even further, sprouting another set of arms and growing even larger than before hand. Grumpy takes off, leaving Robbie to lick his wounds. Back at his house, Robbie shaves his head, noticing five scars on his skull now that Eli confirms as their bond getting stronger.

Dr. Zabo is seen working on his formula, wondering why the pink pills are affecting people the way they do, and finds that he made an oversight in the creation of the chemical formula, making it completely unstable. With this new knowledge he starts to work on making a different drug, one that will be completely stable.

Robbie starts to put the pieces together, knowing that the pills are the main cause for concern in his town and being reminded that they were the reason he was killed in the first place. With Eli in his mind, talking him into taking down the corrupt people that caused all of this pain for him. His teacher approaches him about a new community service ideal he has, wanting Robbie to be a part of it to help promote change in the community.

Dr. Zabo's forces are out looking for Grumpy again, wanting to take back the pills. As they do so, they run across Guero and his group of friends, threatening them at first, before Dr. Zabo steps out and promises them payment and power in return for their information and loyalty. Robbie drives past this and almost gives in to the want to beat them all down, but with his little brother Gabe in the car, he refuses, instead taking him to go get ice cream. Eli continues to fill Robbie's mind with vengeance, about burning the place to the ground and escaping the life they have here, moving Gabe to a safer location etc.

Dr. Zabo finally approached Grumpy, the large mutated gang leader starts to dispatch the mercenary team fairly easily, making his way towards Zabo. Dr. Zabo reveals that he and Mr. Hyde are upset by the turn of events, and he drinks a blue serum, tranforming into Mr. Hyde who quickly and brutally deals with Grumpy, killing him easily.

Guero is celebrating their pay day, but Grumpy's gang knows it was him who sold them out and make their move, about to kill Guero for snitching on them. Zabo's team shows up in the neighborhood, opening fire and killing the gang members for crossing them in the first place, igniting a fire fight in the streets. Robbie, working on his car in the garage gets the news and speeds off towards the carnage, his brother Gabe on a bus headed right for it. The bus driver tries to stop, but is too late and the bus tips onto it's side, sliding into the middle of the firefight. Guero's group starts to help evacuate the kids off of the bus, as Robbie speeds towards the neighborhood. Guero is trying to get his friends to ignore the kids and to take off without helping them because he's a coward. Guero get's knocked out by a member of Grumpy's gang who is about to kill him, only to be shot in the head by the leader of Zabo's mercenaries. Turning the gun on Guero and the rest of the group, he's about to kill them before Gabe jumps in the way, begging him not to kill them.

The Ghost Rider shows up, using his chains and vehicle to quickly dispatch the group of mercenaries before picking up Gabe and setting him into the trunk of the Charger. A portal in the back transports Gabe to safety, leaving Robbie free to clean up the rest of the trash on his street. He takes out the rest of the mercenaries easily, the crowd cheering him on because of it and then reinforcements arrive, in the form of Mr. Hyde. They engage in battle, with Hyde stating that he's run into Robbie before, but neither Robbie nor Eli have any clue what he's talking about. Caught in a headlock and thinking they're about to die, the Hell-Charger comes to the rescue, knocking Hyde off of his feet and freeing them. As they turn the tide in their favor, Hyde get's desperate and takes a handful of the pink pills. However, as the transformation makes him even larger and more grotesque, a side effect happens due to the overdose, causing him to become mutilated and more freakish, effectively nullifying his previous dose and then reverting him back to the weak Dr. Zabo. The neighborhood starts to beat Zabo down because of the trouble he's caused.

Guero and his friends are in their hide out, talking about the Ghost Rider and how cool it would be to have him on their side. The Ghost Rider shows up suddenly and they all rejoice thinking he'll join them, but he notices the wheelchair they stole. Guero remarks on how they stole it from Gabe, calling him horrible names and making fun of his speech. Robbie, furious, beats them all to within an inch of their life before retrieving the wheelchair and speeding off into the night.


Robbie is the latest in a long line of Ghost Riders, preceded by Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch, Alejandra Blaze, and many more in world history. Thus far, he has displayed similar abilities such as but are not limited to enhanced strength, speed, healing, and imperviousness to bullet fire.

Spirit of Eli Morrow

When working in tandem with Robbie Reyes, the two are afforded the ability to transform into a supernatural creature known as a Ghost Rider. This Spirit form possesses supernatural strength, speed, durability, regeneration, and unlimited stamina. This form naturally generates spewing Hellfire and commands this supernatural flame. The bond between both Robbie and Eli is signified through ornate facial scarring and a single discolored eye. While they are at their most powerful as the Ghost Rider, Robbie can still access some of the Rider’s abilities without fully transforming. Such abilities appear to include speed and strength, when summoning these abilities his eye and scars will glow and he may or may not breath Hellfire. Eli has also displayed the ability to fully control an unconscious Robbie, when under Eli’s control his skin will grow a sickly pale hue and both his eyes will turn a fiery orange. Eli has claimed they become stronger everyday, there has never been a human spirit on human spirit Ghost Rider before, together their powers could be limitless.


A supernatural and very versatile flame element commanded by the Ghost Rider. This flame is known to burn the soul of its victims, but has been used to melt away the physical, and even heal the body of its host.


The mystical weapon of Robbie’s Ghost Rider, the chain follows the mental commands of its wielder. The chain itself extends to whatever length it needs to be, is virtually indestructible, and can move at such speeds to ensnare and chainsaw its victims to pieces. The ends of the chain vary between hooked flails or knives.

Shadow Porting

Unlike previous Riders, Robbie’s Rider can manipulate his physical being from one shadow to another shadow. There doesn’t appear to be a limit to where Robbie can go other than he needs shadow.

HELL Charger

Unlike previous Ghost Riders, Robbie's ride of choice is a black 1969 Dodge Charger with a chrome blower on the hood. Which he "borrows" to try and win a street racing competition. When possessed by the powers of the Ghost Rider the Dodge appears to be impervious to any and all conventional forms of artillery, and is powerful enough to ram straight through other vehicles without so much as slowing down. The inside of the Dodge appears to be more vulnerable to physical damage, but the car is capable of instantaneous repair on Robbie's command.

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