Can hellfire burn adamantium?

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I was wondering if hellfire can burn adamantium. Adamantium is supposedly the strongest metal made by man. But it says hellfire can burn through anything. So can hellfire burn Adamnatium

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Hellfire can burn anything.Whether it will actually melt it or not is a different story.If Hellfire did "melt" adamantium,Ghost Rider didn't go full power on Wolverine.I doubt that though.

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no it cant, hellfire just creates pain it doesnt burn anything

#4 Posted by G'bandit (13664 posts) - - Show Bio

WHAT? Hell fire doesn't burn????? O_O?

That's a cheap fire then, I prefer ours then... C'mon is fire from hell!!!!  its suppose to be the worse there is! O_O

Goes to check

#5 Posted by Rune (298 posts) - - Show Bio

why not it has to be melted by some heat so hellfire should do the trick.

#6 Posted by King Saturn (218936 posts) - - Show Bio
I think Hellfire could burn Adamantium
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Hellfire, also called Soulfire, does not physically burn in the sense that normal fire does, it burns the soul of those it is used upon.  So in that sense it is more powerful, though this only works on beings with souls. 

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#9 Posted by Glasgow (138 posts) - - Show Bio

*checks the character page for Ghost Rider* says Hellfire can burn through almost everything, and that the Ghost Rider can either choose it to only burn the soul, or he can make it burn both the soul and physical things.  I think it can

#10 Posted by Asymmetrical (23748 posts) - - Show Bio

regular fire can, so I would assume Hellfire could but I guess it appears to be debatable whether or not Hellfire can burn anything beyond the soul

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i think it should, but i dont think its ever been shown.
what has been shown (and yes, this is really silly) was
when Wolverine stuck his claws in Ghost Rider face, it caused 
his hellfire to backfire, resulting in Ghost Rider screaming in pain
and an explosion. no, i dont understand how that worked either so
i cant really explain it, except with the notion thats been dropped a few 
times that the adamantium in Wolverines body is sometimes suggested
to be mythical.

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I don't think so unless the wielder is a really strong one [cosmic level ish or at least herald] 
So far the things that have been shown to damage it are 
-Anti Metal (Arctic Vibranium) 
-Dargonite (A variation of Uru) 
-Reality warp 
and molecular manipulation 
So if hell doesn't get serious then people can come down there and take over with Adamantium weapons

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@Psyron said:
" So if hell doesn't get serious then people can come down there and take over with Adamantium weapons "
lmao! awesome.
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@CATMANEXE: Dude, God made us the superior species and that means above demons too
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if ghost rider and wolvie fought and if ghost rider through hell fire on wolverine wolvie would just be a walking metal skeleton and hell fire cant melt adamantuim it can melt anything else
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Why would ghost rider need to melt wolverines adamantium. 
If Ghost Rider and Wolverine fought Ghost Rider could simply use his hellfire to burn wolverines soul killing him. 
While Ghost Rider could probally use his hellfire to melt adamantium I don't see why he would wan't to when he can simply burn wolverines soul to kill him whie ignoring wolverines skeleton completely. 
Could ghost rider melt wolverines adamantium skeleton most likely yes, does he need to no.

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Hellfire attack the soul.
#18 Posted by RichIII (14 posts) - - Show Bio

Even though Hellfire can burn through anything, it really depends on the will of the user. If Ghost Rider wanted to, he could melt the Adamantium off of Wolverine's bones, heat it up so it would sear his muscles and skin from the inside, or just burn his soul without causing any bodily harm

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