Blaze in new Ghost Rider Series... What about Ketch?

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we all know that in the upcoming Ghost Rider series, Blaze will try to reliquish his powers for a peaceful life... but wheres Dan in all this? not only is it his fellow Ghost Rider but his brother, it seems that the writers have been keeping him in the dark while Johnny gets the series, but all in all he should be in this. what r ur thoughts on this? agree or disagree?
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Ya sure i agree, i love the brotherly bond of Blaze and Ketch as Ghost Riders.

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I wonder if they'll eventually alternate like they did in a prior series.
Hopefully if anything they don't bring Ketch back as an antagonist.
That schtick worked in it's place, but would just be cliche if iterated after the fact.

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Ketch is my favorite Ghost Rider.  Period. Blaze rocks too. But I just loved the 90's series.  Plus I want Micheal Badalino Back. AKA Vengeance.

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GR needs to draw in bigger #s. 
Until then, everything's up in the air. 
Personally if Morbius can hold down a Midnight Sons/ARMOR series I could see a GR in there. 
To be fair, though, that "agent of heaven" stuff really killed the series. 
Maybe when the movie comes out next year we'll see a push in Ghost Rider stuff... and some of the stuff will stick.

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