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For sixty seconds Danny Ketch felt alive, for the first time in years. The Ghost Rider reborn: dark and vicious and magnificent. And then it's gone. And now there's a shotgun in Danny's face, a hole in his soul where there should be fire and smoke and vengeance, and nobody around to tell him what the hell is going on. This is not a good way to start the day, and it's only going to get worse. The hero who fell from grace continues his agonized scrabble back into the light, via exploding Cornish pixies, vermin in the shadows, and an enormous fiery elephant.

Danny comes out of the transformation into Ghost Rider and the crow flies away. The bankrobber then points a gun out him. Some other thugs get to him as well. All of a sudden the gun man gets a call and says What do you mean tell Danny to duck?" All of a sudden Mary Lebow comes to Danny's aid with an army of deadly pixies scaring off the the thugs. But in the end Danny is upset with Mary showing up a treads away.

The next morning a VERY( read the book) hung over Dan gets a visit from Shoba Mirza who knows Dan is a Ghost Rider. She als o warns that something is killing the Ghost Rider race. Dan denies this and Shoba blasts Dan threw his own door.

That night he meets with Mary sayin he is sorry and also that he is now craving the power like nothing he has ever felt before. It is revealed that after Dan was removed of the Ghost Rider, Dan lost his mind and tried to kill himself in Time Square by burning himself. Mary then leaves for a second but a thug messes with Dan. Dan then beats the guy only to be watched by the crow again. Dan chases the crow asking to turn again but instead tells Dan to follow him.

They arrive at a bridge and they see Shoba being atacked by a rat monsters. Dan wants to save her but the crow says no. At that point, Dan sees Shobia turn into Ghost Rider with 4 arms and riding a fire covered elephant.

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