blade_hunter's Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch #1 - Addict Part One: How the Mighty Are Fallen review

Danny is back

Well possibly one of Marvel's biggest characters of the 90's is back with a vengeance [pun intended], but when i heard when he was getting his own title again i thought it was going to just mold back into the 90's series ass kicking, bone smashing groove but no, Marvel where quite brave with this and made one of their biggest hits of the 90's little more than a recovering drug addict looking for his next hit. This work quite some well on some levels but made me fell a bit uneasy watching the character who got me into comics so depressed, it was so un-Dan Ketch like, i'm not sure if Marvel where trying to re-invent or show a different side to Danny but as i said before it works well, showing that they are not afraid to use real life problem and put a super natural spin on but this may not appeal to new readers.

Simon Spurrier's writing is quite impressive and i admire the risk he took writing such a fan favourite like this, if i had a hat i would take it off to you mate and the art team of Dan Brown and the legendary Javier Saltares make Ghost Rider look Bad ass but my one complaint is Dan Ketch himself doesnt look right but the new Ghost Rider design look mint both designs actually. This issue is impressive but not a classic and not on pair with some of the 90's Ghost Rider work but its a strong building block to help Dan get back to his former glory of the 90's and become one of Marvels most recognized characters again.

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