Ghost Rider's Family Tree ?

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Ok I have a couple of questions about Johnny Blaze's family tree. 1) How come Johnny's brother Dan and sister Barbara have the last name Ketch and not Blaze ? 2) I heard Johnny and Jennifer Kale are cosins ? What kind of cosins are they 1,2,3 or higher ?

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johnny stayed with his dad and kept the surname Blaze, Dan and his sister Barbara were protected by the Caretaker and lived with a widow who's last name was ketch, they were too young to remember their real mother and father so, after their parents died, they ended up with Ketch as their last name. their mothers maiden name was Kale and she was a descendant of Noble Kale (also a ghost rider), Jennifer is also a descendant of Noble. as far as them being first or second cousins, i have no idae

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