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Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance 02

The issue opens up with Steel Vengeance, who has been summoned by Reverend Styge, cutting the throat of a man using her blade, and taking about a master who wants Johnny Blaze and The Ghost Rider out of the picture.

The comics than swifts to Blaze and the Rider trying to punish an unnamed man, who beats his wife and child, and just when Ghost Rider is about to use Penance Stare on him his son, whom the man regularly beats, asks Ghost Rider to forgive him. Ghost Rider scares the guy a bit and leaves believing said unmade man would never again beat his wife and child.

The scene then shifts to Ghost Rider and Blaze in the carnival where they encounter Steel Vengeance. Blaze confronts her, while Ghost Rider, for reason unknown, lies lifeless on the ground. Blaze finds himself overwhelmed by Steel Vengeance but he gets help from the people in the carnival, long enough for Ghost Rider to wake up and use Penance stare at Styge , but Steel Vengeance is unaffected by the said stare because she has no soul. Steel Vengeance then runs away on her bike, she is chased by Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze, but the bike falls off the cliff and explodes.

Ghost Rider also tell Blaze that while he was on some sort of demonic coma he saw Danny Ketch who apparently is still alive and the Rider believes he has a way to bring Ketch back.

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