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All is chaos at the home of Francis Ketch: she tries to fight off a swarm of bats, not comprehending why her son Dan is behaving in an evil manner, as she is unaware that he is possessed by the Scarecrow. And as the fire started by the Scarecrow engulfs her house behind her, John Blaze is struggling against Lilith, Dracula's daughter. All this is watched with glee by Scarecrow/Dan.

Lilith, spurred on by the hellfire within Blaze, tries to bite him, but he fights her off. He retrieves his hellfire gun and aims it at her, but her speed is too much for him and she hurls him against a tree, breaking his leg. Francis clubs Lilith with the gun to no avail; Lilith simply orders the bats to resume their attack on her.

In the fiery realm where Ghost Rider and the soul of Dan Ketch are trapped, the spirit of Dan's deceased sister Barbara explains that since the Rider may inhabit only those of their family's bloodline, he must attempt to possess her corpse which currently lies in the kitchen of the burning house.

On the lawn of Francis' home, the melee continues. The hobbled Blaze manages to stab Lilith in the leg, while Scarecrow/Dan decides to exit the scene and go into town to cause more havoc. There he runs into Jericho Drumm, who, along with the spirit of his brother Daniel, head toward the Ketch home. Drumm attacks Scarecrow with a Voodoo spirit, while the possessed Dan counterattacks with a fearsome image of Drumm being killed by Lilith. Scarecrow attempts to stab Jericho with a piece of glass, and Daniel tries to possess him. Although Daniel is unable to enter Dan's body, the act stuns the Scarecrow/Dan, allowing Jericho to knock him out with a punch.

Jericho is finally able to reach the Ketch home, and mystically calms Lilith, dismissing her from the scene. Dan returns and stuns Drumm with his pitchfork, while Francis struggles to comprehend Dan's behavior. All eyes then turn toward the house, as from the inferno emerges Barbara's corpse, topped by a flaming skull. As Drumm holds Dan's body, the Ghost Rider possessed Barbara stabs Dan with the pitchfork, expelling the Scarecrow. Ghost Rider immediately returns to Dan's body and Barbara's remains crumble to the ground. Ghost Rider reverts to Dan, but Francis, driven to the brink of insanity by these events, shrieks into the night.

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