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The spirit of Dan Ketch is trapped in the fiery realm the Ghost Rider exists within when not manifested on Earth. At first, the Ghost rider accosts Dan, thinking him an intruder, then recognizes him and realizes they are now both unable to return to Earth.

In the home of Dan's mother, his body is possessed by the Scarecrow, and has knocked John Blaze out cold. He binds Blaze and suspends him from the ceiling, while the body he had previously animated, that of Dan's deceased sister Barbara, lies on the kitchen floor.

Miles away, Jericho Drumm and Lilith, Dracula's daughter, have overcome the crows summoned against them by the Scarecrow. However, the bloody frenzy has awakened Lilith's bloodthirst, requiring Drumm to mystically calm her.

In the home of family friend Stacy Dolan, Dan's mother Francis dreams of her children. Orphaned in an auto accident, Dan and Barbara were adopted by Francis and her husband, who was murdered shortly thereafter. She then dreams of being at the beach with her children, watching in terror as Barbara is pulled under the water and Danny's head becomes a blazing skull. She wakes up and looks for liquor, but finding none, decides to return home for a drink.

From the fiery realm, Ghost Rider makes a failed attempt to inhabit Blaze's body. The Scarecrow is startled by the attempt, then decides to burn down the house, and pours liquor onto the floor. At that moment, Francis enters, confused by the scene she finds, Blaze strung up and at the possessed Dan's mercy. He strikes, then binds her, and drops a lit match onto the floor. As the fire spreads, Dan leaves the house, and Francis begins screaming to roust Blaze. He comes to, struggles free from his ropes, and gets himself and Francis out of the burning house. Scarecrow/Dan tries to summon his crows, but instead, scores of bats arrive while Blaze tackles Dan. As Blaze shoots his hellfire gun at the bats, Lilith arrives on the scene.

In the other dimension, Dan and Ghost Rider are met by the spirit of Barbara Ketch who offers them one solution: the Rider must try to enter her corpse to fight the Scarecrow.

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