pspin's Ghost Rider #8 review

Ghost Rider #8 Review

Ghost Rider #8 Review


Hawkeye, Johnny Blaze and Alejandra, and Steel Wind and Steel Vengeance finish their fight.

The Good:

The book is on the upswing, after the mediocre intro as a tie in to Fear Itself, Ghost Rider has established itself and its direction and this is a major plus. While this issue is very Hawkeye centric it is still good. The fight is entertaining, seeing what Alejandra can do with the Rider powers (Demon Bullet Train anyone?) is cool and having Johnny in the position he is at the end should be refreshing.

I love the art in this issue Lee Garbett has a simple but effective style, never cramming too much into a panel but effectively conveying emotion and action. The humor is very dry and I like it, it shows that the book is serious but still has fun at the same time.

I really like Alejandra, while this issue doesn’t focus much on her it still shows that she is not just a female knock off of male character, she is different from Johnny and she could go on to great thinks in the magical corner of the Marvel Universe.

The Bad:

The villains Steel Wind and Steel Vengeance are… different, they are cyborg biker chicks and one is dead and the other is crazy, while entertaining, they get old because the crazy one talks to the dead one and repeats herself, it is odd. Also the location changes from the desert to downtown Tokyo with no real explanation which is annoying but ultimately not a big deal.


4 out of 5

This issue, while by no means perfect, is a step in the right direction; it has great art and solid writing. This issue doesn’t end on a cliff hanger but still leaves me wanting more because I foresee character growth for both Johnny and Alejandra and that is usually a good thing. Any fan should pick this one up and even though it is part 2 of 2 it isn’t hard for a new reader to join in.


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