what_lies_in_shadows's Ghost Rider #68 - The Curse of Jonathan Blaze! review


This comic was ranked at #100 in Wizard Magazine's now long out-dated list of "100 Best Single Issue Comics Since You Were Born"

Now I wasn't actually born at this time and that in and of itself is obviously a big part of the reason I can't find it as enjoyable and exhilarating as it likely was in its own time. Comics approved by the Code of Authority tend to just have that overall campy feel to them that is rarely escaped and in a case like this, I just can't shake it even though the story told here is meant to be horrifying.

I must also say I'm glad the days of the origin issues (of this sort anyways) are a thing of the long ago past, I don't think the story within a story thing really helps the origin's impact and detracts from it instead as if it's just a trivial portion of the character. This origin definitely could've been tackled in a better fashion (such as cutting out the confessional stuff and just dedicating the entire issue to the character) but these were staples of the time I suppose.

As for the story itself, unfortunately, without having ever read this issue or any issue of this series even, I knew the origin as it was being told and there's no story beats that make it unique because it doesn't capture a specific moment but essentially just lists the order of events. You get more character (and the same story) watching that now-revered classic Nicolas Cage film (you know the one I mean).

I thought the ending was nice at least and established this demon as a villain who inflicts justice on other villains though, cool idea, even if it's all out-dated now.


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