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Somewhere, several well-dressed men with knives prepare to torture a homeless man, while elsewhere, Ghost Rider corners a serial killer and punishes him with his penance stare.

The next morning, Dan Ketch rides his motorcycle to the bar where he works, to pick up his paycheck. There, his fellow bartender, Brian, tells Dan of a temporary job in Alphabet City, where he could make four times his current wage, and Dan accepts it.

That night, he tends bar in the upper exclusive section of the night club. Later, founding member of the club, Calvin Zabo enters and proceeds upstairs. Jack Russell, enjoying a beer in the less restricted half, feels bad vibes from Zabo, and sneaks up to the exclusive level behind him. Russell finds a dark table in the back, as a stage show begins.

The emcee, calling himself Morphine, introduces Zabo, and a homeless man bound to a chair. Zabo then explains how he intends to carve his name into the man's bones. At this, Russell transforms into the Werewolf, while Dan becomes the Ghost Rider. They take on Zabo who changes into Mr. Hyde. They do battle as the clientele scatter. Hyde breaks through the floor in an attempt to escape, and Ghost Rider follows. The Werewolf, meanwhile, stays behind to give Morphine a taste of his own medicine.

Before long, Ghost Rider corners Hyde in a blind alley. Hyde screams.

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