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Michael Badilino is being tortured by Anton Hellgate at his mansion.

Meanwhile Dan Ketch wakes up at his moms house who is having trouble with his mom because she doesn't want him to leave the house after all that has happened to him. He later tries to get rid of his bike with the medallion of Power on it but he can't get rid of Ghost Rider's taste for Vengeance. It is at this point he gets back his bike, turns into Ghost Rider, and Decides to save Vengeance from Anton Hellgate. During his search for him, little does Ghost Rider know, and ninja by the name of Shriek is following him in the darkness.

Inside Anton Hellgates mansion, he torments Badilino and orders his men to dissect him alive.

Outside the mansion Ghost Rider arrives and is encountered by Shriek who saves Ghost rider from one of Hellgate's guards. Minutes later Both Ghost Rider and Shriek are surrounded by guards but both defeat them without any problem. Shriek leaves the scene as Ghost Rider enters the mansion. Ghost Rider enters the lab killing the doctors and freeing Badilino. He then tells Ghost Rider that he is leaving New York and leaving him in peace.

The next day Dan leaves his house and says good bye to his mom.

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