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This issue features Vengeance but not Ghost Rider.

Detective is violently throw out of a window by a strange new villain named Dread. The detective falls to his death. Hours later Michael Badilino and his partner Ski arrive at the scene. Michael now desires to find the killer. He spots Dread on the building and goes after him. As Michael heads to the top of the building Dread notices Micheael right away and says the Hellgate sends his regards right before he fires his fire covered sword at him. Ducking out of the way, Badilino turns into Vengeance. Vengeance and Dread fight unti, Badilino's men show up and Dread escapes while Vengeance is attacked by his own men but escapes. Michael then leaves a meeting with his men hours later to find out where this so called Hellgate is. Hours later back at his apartment, he gets a visit from Stacy Dolan and his men. Ski says that Dread was targeting officers of a certain task force. Michael was next n the list. Dread enters the apartment killing some cops. Vengeance then attacks Dread with a fire blast but dodges it. But sooner or later Vengeance gets the upper hand beating Dread with his own fists. The cops then come to arrest Dread.







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