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We arrive on the scene as the Ghost Rider ties up a few loose ends of his previous adventure, catching a trio of crooks who have been pawns in a bizarre plot against him by magician Azazaih. After giving them a punishment of cold, burning Hellfire, The Rider reverts back to Johnny Blaze, and wearily makes his way down to the local pub to have a beer.

When Johnny arrives inside, the local townsfolk are huddled around the bar’s television set, watching in amazement as Stunt Cyclist Flagg Fargo breaks a new motorcycle somersault stunt record, a feat only executed before by Johnny himself! The crowd goes wild, until Flagg starts bad-mouthing Johnny, calling him a coward for not meeting him on his challenges he’s been making at every stop on his tour. The bar crowd angrily protest the accusation, saying the Johnny Blaze was the best stunt-cyclist there ever was! Then one of the patrons looks over, and immediately recognizes Johnny as THE Johnny Blaze, stuntman extraordinaire! The crowd rallies around Johnny, begging him to come out of retirement and put an end to all of Flagg Fargo’s bravado. After a bit of indecision, Johnny agrees, to the cheers of the barroom!

As Johnny leaves the bar that night, he sees a gang of thieves robbing a nearby warehouse. He hesitates changing into Ghost Rider for just a moment, but it is long enough for the crooks to get away. Off in the distance, he sees Flagg Fargo’s trailer, but thinks nothing of it.

In the days that follow, huge coverage has been made over Johnny’s return to Stunt -cycling, and everyone is turning up to see brash newcomer Flagg Fargo take on famous champ Johnny Blaze! But right off the bat, Johnny realizes how rusty he is. He hasn’t trained for this kind of maneuvering in years, and in his very first stunt, he lands quite awkwardly. Flagg, on the other hand, is steady and sure of himself, and completes his stunt flawlessly. At the end of the heated challenge, with Flagg locked in competition with Johnny, the score has ended up at Flagg’s 325 to Johnny’s 225. Johnny takes it hard, but his sponsors cheer him up, confident that he’ll catch up in the next day’s events.

As Johnny rides home from the arena, he comes across the gang of thieves he’d chased the other night. Not wanting to give himself over to the Ghost Rider, he decides to chase the crooks himself, but is cut off by a car attempting to block any pursuers. Johnny crashes into the car, and as it speeds off, Johnny picks himself up and exclaims, “You want to know something, Blaze old Kid? This just hasn’t been your night!”







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