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"In the Darkest Night There Exists a Light"

I didn't expect to enjoy this. It's a 90's comic through and through featuring one of the "dark" heroes that became a character celebre in the age of Miller-ian Batman and Spawn. Javier Saltares handles pencilling duties here and does an excellent job. The art holds up exceedingly well and he's particularly good at the many action sequences featuring Ghost Rider. Howard Mackie does solid work here. It's perhaps nothing extraordinary that will forever be remembered as great literature, but then again it's Ghost Rider, it doesn't need to be. There are some scenes in here that are very creepy, and the villain, Blackout, who makes his first appearance here is arguably one of the more chilling villains I've encountered. However, I do wonder if I'd have any interest in the character if he were to be utilized by an inferior writer or artist. If you like Ghost Rider, this is a good issue that features both great action and some decent development of the character of a young Dan Ketch.


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