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Johnny starts of by going into daniel's truck stop and sees his girlfriend in bed so they start talking about what that been doing lately. then Johnny had an idea. an idea to get the Ghost rider from going to far. So he tries but failed. easier said than done though. So then Johnny turnes into the Ghost Rider then he is just about to give his victim death when suddenly a boy screames into terror. Then Johnny gets distracted and the victim turnes into some kind of a beast and blows Johnny away with flames from the beast's mouth! Then Johnny swings his chain at the beast with might that chokes the beast's neck. Then the Ghost rider gets on his motorcycle with the chain still attached and gets on his motorcycle and drives away with the chain in his hand. Then the beast shoots foward and smashes into a brick wall,then throws the beast into a pit of fire. Then Ghost Rider slings his chain through the beast's heart,then punches through his heart, then hits the beast with his chain. But the beast gets up. then it goes to two guys who throw a innocent man over a building. Then Ghost Rider comes to regain vengence on the those men and the beast and then they all fall of the building. Then the Ghost Rider goes away then he sees the beast again with a dead person in the back of a car. So Ghost Rider slams his motorcycle into the car while jumping in the air to avoid the blast the car blows up and the beast is down and out. Then it shows a bunch of people in heaven. Then a bunch of people knocking on doors and talking on a phone. Then one of the girls oes to bed and has a dream about people talking to her in heaven.







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Ghost Rider has always had it's up and downs when it comes to an ongoing series. Either the character was kept to simple, or a writer would complicate his origins to the point of it being impossible for future writers to keep anything straight. Daniel Way can't be accused of complicating anything. For over a year now the plot of this series has been Ghost Rider tracking down Lucifer's 666 parts that have possessed recently deceased humans on Earth. With that one phrase you have been caught up on...

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