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A WORLD WAR HULK TIE-IN! Well, Johnny got what he wanted. Temporarily setting aside his quest for the remaining avatars of Lucifer, he has forced the Ghost Rider into a confrontation with The Hulk in hopes of saving the innocent. But who’s going to save Ghost Rider? The straight-up beat-down of the decade rumbles to its shocking conclusion!

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Sometime They Have a Purpose 0

They were making a point with this book. Many readers were wondering why they had to take Ghost Rider off his path (a boring path by the way, but I'll stick with the cross-over story arch) to come and fight the Hulk. I honestly believed we'd see a "Champions" reunion of some sort. What I got was Marvel making a point about the current storyline. While it took away from what was presently going on, the point was made well. Whose really the villain in this whole affair. The answer to that q...

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Another Great Hulk Crossover! WOW! 0

I am amazed...most of the time these tie ins suck. But this and The Initiative was great. Hulk vs Ghost Rider...Yeah you know the Hulk is going to whip his ass. And the end was great showing the battered Black Bolt and Iron Man. Mr Fantastic and Dr Strange both worried as hell was also great. And the internal struggle to control the Ghost Rider was good. John trying to talk to Hulk because he understood the thing about something inside controlling you was funny because the Hulk was not intereste...

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Ghost Rider Vs. Hulk 0

Remember when you quivered in fear of the dreaded crossover tie-in, then you read World War Hulk: X-Men and thought maybe they finally figured out a way to do it right? Well you can thank Daniel Way for making sure you don't forget that most tie-ins suck.After writing Ghost Rider for over a year now, Way still hasn't established his Ghost Rider clearly and remains inconsistent from issue to issue. GR's power levels here are completely inconsistent with everything that was shown in the last 12 is...

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