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Ghost Rider(Dan Ketch): A Spirit Reborn.

Good as far as pilot comics go, Ghost Rider: A Spirit Reborn starts out with Dan Ketch leading his sister, Barbra Ketch though a junkyard with thugs hot on their tail. BAM! A thug shoots Barbra, giving her a fatal wound. Hurriedly Daniel carrys his sister to a junk pile, where he finds an old motorcycle (wich apperantly belonged to the previous Ghost rider,Jonny Blaze). Desprate, he piles his sister onto it and starts it. But, the motorcycle transforms Dan into GHOST RIDER!!!!!!!!! He apperantly went all Ghost Rider on the thugs and fled. There Could be a stronger sory (and a longer one) but its only the 1st of many adventures for Danny Blaze as GHOST RIDER!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Dan Ketch 0

    I read most of the Danny Ketch series, but this issue wasn't the best. I liked it but I think the story was too short for the introduction of the new Ghost Rider.In my opinion the plot was excelent. I kinda felt bad for Barbara, but its just a comic book and I give it 4 out of 5 stars....

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