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On November 11, 1918, the final day of World War I, the 13th Squadron were issued a challenge by their long time nemesis, Baron Von Kreig. Only one man kept his honor that day, Captain Luther Jarvis, though it cost him his life. Without the rest of the 13th Squadron serving as his wingmen, Captain Jarvis' triplane was easily downed by Von Kreig's fokkers. Jarvis' triplane went down in the swamp surrounding Castle Krieg, his opponent's ancestral home. There the body of Captain Luther Jarvis lay for years, until, one day, it rose anew as the Ghost Pilot. Jarvis blamed the 13th Squadron for his untimely death. Had their cowardice and dishonor not kept their planes grounded, Jarvis would have had the necessary backup to, if not achieve victory, at least have a fighting chance against Von Kreig. As the Ghost Pilot, Jarvis sought vengeance on his former comrades-in-arms.

The Ghost Pilot engineered a supernatural trap from the airframes of downed planes, tempered in the bog surrounding Castle Kreig. The trap was sprung on the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen. With the Flash unconscious before him, the Ghost Pilot recited an incantation that transformed the Flash into a spectral apparition, loyal to Jarvis' every command. Having drafted a suitable wingman, the Ghost Pilot next abducted the surviving members of the 13th Squadron, and spirited them away to Castle Kreig. There, the Ghost Pilot forced each man to engage in an aerial dogfight with him. With his wingman purposefully interfering with the other pilot's ability to control their plane, the Ghost Pilot's victory was assured. The timely intervention of the Spectre prevented the Ghost Pilot from killing his first victim. The Spectre appealed to Jarvis' sense of honor, citing the unfair advantage the Ghost Pilot had in combat over the World War I veterans. Serving as their proxy, the Spectre engaged the Ghost Pilot's wingman, Flash, in an aerial dogfight, for the lives of the men of the 13th Squadron. The Ghost Pilot's full command over his wingman allowed the Flash to use Jarvis' skills as a combat pilot to down the Spectre's plane. During their conflict, the Spectre was finally able to break the Ghost Pilot's hold over the Flash. With his wingman defeated, the Ghost PIlot set his triplane on a suicidal collision course with his wingman's plane. The resultant explosion seemed to return Jarvis to the grave, as the Ghost Pilot has, to date, not been seen again.

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