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In modern Mandarin, a Hu Li Jing also means a golddigger, a vamp. Ghost Fox Killer is part of a female emissary with the mission to kill evil men. She is one of many Ghost Fox Women who live in a realm located just beyond the realm of death. If not for her mission to kill evil men, her society would crumble as it depends on ties to the solid world.

Ghost Fox Killer has has quite a reputation in Hong Kong, where everyone knows her name. Hong Kong is also the most haunted in the world from the sheer amounts of ghosts she creates. The ghost can be controlled by her, but cannot be used to harm for her. If the ghosts are destroyed, part of her society is destroyed as well. She often keeps tabs on criminals and gangsters by using other criminals for information. In exchange for this information, she allows them to keep their lives.

On Earth, she has developed a relationship with August General in Iron. This bond is special as no woman would wish to be with the General and no other mortal is capable of surviving Ghost Fox Killers touch. She is currently a member of the Great Ten, a Chinese super team.

Powers and Abilities

The mere touch of Ghost Fox Killer will kill a man where he stands, she also has many ghostly abilities such as being able to pass through walls, being extremely hard to kill, and can in the astral realm.

Anyone killed by her can not pass into death. Instead, their spirit is bound into her service to maintains the stability of her realm. They also act as her spies and servants, although they can not act without being in her presence. One ghost acts as her personal chauffeur, driving her around in a ghostly 1920s limo. She also carries some type of jade pistols that can kill and collect more souls for her as well as the use of jade lions which follow her commands.

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