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Roy Reynolds devised fool proff getaway plans for each robbery he planned. His plans used various gimmicks to keep Batman and Robin occupied while he and his henchmen escaped.His next gimmick was to have the Bat Signal create straightjackets on Batman and Robin when the signal was turned on. Getaway Genius escaped while his henchmen were captured.

The Getaway Genius was captured when he fell into the trap of a villian known as "The Hexer" killed the Dynamic Duo.

The Getaway Genius was broken out of jail by The Big Game Hunter. He turned himself in The Batman when The Big Game Hunter was holding him hostage in return for tips on capturing The Batman. Batman defeated The Big Game Hunter and The Getaway Genius was able to repay the debt by creating a trap door for to escape. The Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Cluemaster, and Johnny Witts were creating a west coast crime syndicate and were going to cause a gangland slaying with their target Batman.

The Getaway Genius would battle The Batman two more times. His most recent meeting was with Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne. The Bruce Wayne Batman, told Dick and Damian that he let The Getaway Genius escape once because he was stealing medicine for his daughter so that he could watch her grow up. She has grown to adulthood and has now taken the name of the new Getaway Genius.

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