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Xenophage choosing to eat George.

George Strickland was, along with his friend Zeena Hodges, someone who'd ended up with one of the few symbiotes that had survived the Symbiote Invasion. Both George and Zeena where taken in by Donna Diego, a.k.a. Scream, who was helping them to adjust to their situation.

When the Xenophage came to Earth to feed on symbiotes, Zeena ended up being one of its first victims when it killed her in Donna's apartment while Donna and George were out. When they came back to the apartment, they found it to be the scene of Zeena's murder. Fearful that the murderer was still around, George begged Donna for them to leave, but Donna insisted that they stay. This led to a heated altercation, causing George and Donna to shift into their symbiote forms and fight. Their fight was cut short however, when Donna noticed a China cabinet that had never been in her apartment before. This turned out to be the Xenophage in disguise, and so it to lashed out and swiftly devoured George.

Powers & Abilities

George presumably had access to the same powers and abilities as other symbiote users like Venom or Scream. He was most likely not all too experienced at using it yet unfortunately.

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