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Prior to the events at Barrow, Alaska, George was helping Judith Ali with her quest to expose the vampire society. She had him monitoring electronic communications for certain names, catch phrases, etc. For months the lines were completely silent. Suddenly, right before the incident at Barrow occurred, George uncovered an encrypted communication between Marlow Roderick and Vicente (calling himself only "V"). The series of three letters mentioned the event planned for Barrow, an invitation for V to join, and his acceptance.

George brought the letters to Judith. Judith would in turn send her son, Taylor Ali to Barrow to investigate, resulting in his death. Taylor's death caused Judith to lose her will to fight.

After Stella Olemaun, one of the few survivors of Barrow, published a book detailing what happened George sought out Judith with a copy. It was this encounter that pushed Judith to seek out Stella with the video evidence Taylor had acquired to finally expose the vampires. Judith would die shortly after embarking on this journey at the hands of the vampire Agent Norris. When Norris' mistress Lilith was killed, he sought out George hoping to find information to help him understand being a vampire.

Locked in his home, George heard a knock at his door. Hoping it was Miss Judith he answered to find Agent Norris staring from the other side. Norris knocked in the door and beat George, tying him up. Falling deep into withdraw symptoms, George was unable to provide Norris with the information he desired. Tired of waiting, Norris bit and turned George. As a vampire George felt an instant loyalty to Norris and told him everything he knew about vampire society. George also explained to Norris that the strange emotions he had been feeling was the call of the other vampires back to Barrow, Alaska. Norris took George on as his vampire lackey and the two departed.

Arriving in Alaska George and Norris met up with the other vampires led by Werner. The group led two phases of attacks on Barrow, being finally destroyed during the second wave. George was shot and killed by Marcus Kitka shortly after Norris was killed by Stella Olemaun.

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